Clay County Sheriff Press Briefing

02/24/13 21:14 – A deputy responded to the jail to investigate an inmate making suicidal statements. The inmate was segregated.

02/25/13 08:52 – Deputies responded to a medical emergency at a rural residence. A male patient was transported by ambulance.

02/25/13 13:17 – A deputy arrested a Vermillion man for a Clay County warrant.

02/25/13 16:32 – A deputy transported an inmate from the jail to the human Services Center in Yankton for a mental health committal and picked up another inmate there to return him to the jail after his treatment was completed.

02/25/13 19:26 – A patient was transported from the hospital to the jail to await an evaluation for a mental health committal.

02/25/13 20:39 – A deputy investigated a report that a sex offender is having contact with children but is not supposed to. The question as to whether or not this is authorized in this case is under investigation.

02/26/13 10:13 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail for Clay County charges.

02/26/13 16:03 – A deputy transported a person on a mental illness hold from the jail to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary commitment.

02/26/13 20:30 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency at a rural residence. A woman was transported to the emergency room by ambulance.

02/27/13 21:27 – A deputy assisted Highway Patrol Troopers with investigating a rollover accident on Highway 46.

02/27/13 22:02 – A deputy and Vermillion Police Officers responded to a welfare check after a report that a man was suicidal. The man was picked up for an evaluation and committed to the Human Services Center in Yankton.

02/28/13 09:40 – Deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault at an apartment in Irene. One man was arrested for domestic violence related charges and transported to the Clay County Jail.

02/28/13 09:40 – A deputy mediated a dispute over property regarding a couple involved in a domestic dispute.

02/28/13 13:00 – A deputy transported a person held on a mental hold from the county jail to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a Mental Health committal.

03/01/13 11:15 – The School Resource Officer investigated a theft of an iPad from a classroom in Jolley School. The iPad was recovered and the parents of the juvenile suspect were notified. School disciplinary policy was enforced.

03/01/13 15:37 – A deputy investigated a 911 call from a rural business. There were no problems found and the owner notified the phone company of the malfunction.

03/01/13 16:12 – A report was received of a dump truck losing debris on the way to the landfill. The landfill was notified and staff there instructed the driver to clean up his lost debris on his way back to town. The driver was later observed picking up trash as instructed.

03/01/13 18:26 – A deputy investigated a report of an accident east of Vermillion in which a tire fell out of a truck and struck another car.

03/02/13 10:15 – A vehicle was observed speeding at 77 mph in the 55 mph zone on University Rd. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

03/02/13 16:08 – A deputy attempted to located the suspect vehicle of a driving complaint in Vermillion. The vehicle had left town on Highway 50. The vehicle was not located.

03/02/13 20:43 – A report of a burglary was received at an apartment in Wakonda. The matter is under investigation. It appears the items may have been repossessed.

Total Records: 21

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