Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

03/10/13 09:00

A deputy responded to the jail after a report an inmate had a seizure. The inmate was transported to the Emergency Room and admitted. Jail staff and deputies were assigned to guard him there until Monday morning.

03/10/13 15:53

Deputies located a vehicle stuck along Highway 50 East of Vermillion. The vehicle had slid part way off the road due to icy conditions and became stuck. The vehicle was pushed out by hand. There was no damage.

03/10/13 16:24

Deputies assisted with a vehicle stuck in the ditch on Highway 50 East of Vermillion. Traffic control was provided due to icy conditions. There was no damage.

03/10/13 16:37

Deputies responded to a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 50 East of Vermillion. There was no damage. The car slid off the road due to icy conditions. Traffic control was provided so the car could be towed out.

03/10/13 20:43

A deputy observed a vehicle operating with recently expired license plates. The vehicle was stopped and the driver notified of the issue.

03/10/13 21:30

A deputy assisted a Highway Patrol Trooper with a car in the ditch near I-29 on Highway 50.

03/11/13 10:49

A deputy stood by to keep the peace while a rural residence moved her property out of her home. There were no incidents of violence.

03/11/13 12:57

An inmate was transported to a doctor appointment and then returned to the jail.

03/11/13 21:45

A deputy responded to a report of a dispute between two neighbors in an apartment in Wakonda. The dispute was verbal and no crime was committed.

03/11/13 22:27

A rural resident reported a vehicle in her driveway revving its engine. The vehicle was gone upon arrival.

03/12/13 09:39

A deputy located a person wanted for a Clay County warrant in Vermillion. The woman was arrested and transported to the County Jail where she posted bond and was later released.

03/12/13 12:40

A deputy located a person wanted for a Union County warrant at a rural Clay County address. The man was arrested and transported to the Clay County Jail to be held for the Union County Sheriff.

03/13/13 08:00

A deputy stopped a vehicle in operation with the window frosted over. The deputy loaned the driver an ice scraper to remove the frost.

03/13/13 10:23

A rural resident reported a sick raccoon on her property. A deputy responded and euthanized the animal.

03/13/13 11:45

A welfare check was received asking for a deputy to check on a man in Wakonda. A deputy found the man to be fine and there was no cause for concern.

03/13/13 12:09

A caller reported a dog running from a rural residence onto Highway 19 causing a traffic hazard. A deputy spoke to the dog’s owner and informed him of the complaint. The dog owner agreed to try to keep the dog off the highway in the future.

03/13/13 20:17

A deputy responded to a report of a vehicle broken down on Highway 19 just north of Highway 46. A Highway Patrol Trooper also responded since the incident was in Turner County. A tow truck was called for the vehicle.

 03/14/13 01:47

A deputy transported a patient from the Sanford emergency room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

03/14/13 04:47

A caller reported two men waving at cars from the ditch on Highway 50 east of Vermillion. A deputy responded to investigate but the subjects were gone upon arrival. No other reports were received.

03/14/13 08:18

A caller reported a vehicle parked in a field approach along Highway 50 east of Vermillion. A deputy investigated and found a woman sleeping in the back seat. The driver was identified and was not impaired. She had rested enough to continue on her way.

03/14/13 10:59

A deputy responded to assist a Highway Patrol Trooper with a traffic stop which resulted in the Trooper arresting the driver for Driving under the Influence of drugs. The deputy transported the driver to the Clay County Jail.

03/14/13 11:05

A report was received of a car parked on Frog Creek Road near 306th St. The owner was contacted and she agreed to have the car moved before dark when it would become a hazard. The car was later moved.

03/14/13 16:28

A deputy responded to a rural Newcastle, NE address to assist a Dixon County deputy at a possible domestic incident. No one was found at the residence.

03/14/13 20:06

A deputy located a pickup parked near the Vermillion River with no one nearby. The owner was later located and found to be OK.

03/14/13 23:06

A caller reported a vehicle sitting on the highway on Greenfield Road. A deputy responded and found the vehicle in the road and that it was causing a traffic hazard. The vehicle was towed away.

03/15/13 01:23

A rural resident 1 mile north of Vermillion reported a man was at his door pounding and attempting to get in. When told the Sheriff’s Office was being called, the man left. A deputy searched the area and did not find anyone or any disabled vehicles around.

03/15/13 07:18

A deputy responded to a 911 hangup call at a rural residence. It was learned that a child was playing with a phone and there were no problems there.

03/15/13 07:38

A deputy responded to a Wakonda residence to investigate a report of suspicious activity the previous night when teenagers apparently threw items on the roof.

03/15/13 10:38

A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after a probation violation there on Clay County charges.

03/15/13 11:13

A deputy responded along with fire units to a report a microwave had started on fire at a Burbank residence. The fire did not spread past the microwave.

03/15/13 14:04

A deputy transported a patient from the Sanford ER to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

03/15/13 15:25

A caller reported two girls were knocked down and one had her skirt torn by a dog at the park in Wakonda. It was believed the dog was not vicious but was overly playful. The owner was notified the dog had been at large and the dog’s vaccines were verified to be up to date. The children were not injured.

03/16/13 06:52

A Wakonda resident reported a noise complaint against a neighbor in an apartment building. The matter is being addressed by the property owner so no enforcement action was taken.

03/16/13 12:29

A deputy took a complaint of a dog at large in Wakonda. The dog was home by the time of the report but the owner was notified of the problem and he agreed to confine the dog to avoid any future issues.

03/16/13 15:30

Deputies responded to the jail after inmates were disrupting jail operations with multiple violations of policy. Inmates were segregated to cells and were instructed on policy requirements.

03/16/13 16:02

A deputy attempted to locate a caller who dialed 911 and hung up. The GPS indicated the caller was north of Vermillion. He was later found at McDonald’s and the call was accidental.

03/16/13 16:14

A deputy checked on a vehicle stopped with the hood up. The driver was working on the vehicle and capable of making the repairs needed. No other action was taken.

03/16/13 17:58

A deputy investigated a report of hunters shooting geese from the road north of Vermillion.

03/16/13 19:50

A deputy arrested a wanted person in Vermillion for a Clay County warrant.

03/16/13 21:56

A deputy investigated a car/deer collision on Highway 19 south of Highway 46.

03/16/13 23:37

A deputy assisted a driver who was stuck in the median on Highway 50. Traffic control was provided while a tow truck pulled the car out.

Total Records: 41

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