Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

03/17/13 10:40 – A caller reported people breaking into an unoccupied residence in Wakonda. A deputy responded and located the suspects and learned they were authorized to enter but had lost the key. No crime was committed.

03/17/13 14:31 – A deputy responded to assist a SD Highway Patrol Trooper with a vehicle search for drugs at a traffic stop. No arrests were made.

03/17/13 16:39 – A deputy responded to mediate a property line dispute in Burbank. A survey had been completed and a structure was removed by the township. The complainant was advised to seek a civil court remedy.

03/17/13 16:53 – A deputy investigated a report of an altercation between two women at a church near Vermillion. Charges are being considered by the States Attorney.

03/18/13 00:47 – A caller reported her upstairs neighbor was being noisy at an apartment building in Wakonda. The neighbor was notified of the complaint and asked to try to be quiet.

03/18/13 07:56 – A car was observed violating a stop sign in Vermillion. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was warned for the offense but ticketed for driving without a valid driver’s license.

03/18/13 10:09 – A deputy investigated an accident where a car struck a sign on Highway 50 east of Vermillion. The accident was not reported at the time. Upon investigation, the driver was cited for Failure to Report an Accident.

03/18/13 14:12 – A deputy received a complaint of harassing text messages. The message have since stopped and the complainant didn’t want to pursue the issue any longer.

03/18/13 14:19 – An inmate was transported to a doctor appointment and then returned to the Jail.

03/18/13 14:24 – Deputies served an order for eviction in Vermillion. The property manager was present and arrangements were made with the tenant to move himself out within the week.

03/18/13 15:14 – A rural resident made a report that a neighbor had plastic material on his property that he felt may degrade over time and possibly poison his lawn if the degrading plastic released toxins. Upon investigation it was found no items were criminally possessed and it was all on the property owner’s own property. No crime was committed.

03/18/13 23:49 – The State Penitentiary called requesting assistance in locating an inmate who had not returned from his work release and was believed to be with a Wakonda woman. A deputy investigated and did not find the woman or inmate in Wakonda. It was learned the woman had moved away and the pair was later arrested in Nebraska.

03/19/13 01:46 – A 911 hangup call was received from a rural residence. A deputy responded to investigate and found that there was a domestic dispute in progress there. There had been no violence and tempers had calmed down but the couple was encouraged to separate for the remainder of the evening.

03/19/13 11:01 – A deputy transported a juvenile from detention in Sioux Falls to Vermillion for a hearing. An adult male was also transported from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after Clay County warrants were served on him in Sioux Falls.

03/19/13 11:15 – Traffic control was provided at a rural intersection to allow a funeral procession to pass through safely without interruption.

03/19/13 13:39 – An arrest warrant was served on a Vermillion man. He was transported to the jail where he posted bond and was later released.

03/19/13 20:44 – A deputy took a report of a custody dispute between two parents of juvenile girl. The parents were advised to settle the dispute in court since no crimes were alleged.

03/20/13 06:41 – A deputy investigated a minor non-injury two-car accident in Wakonda.

03/20/13 11:52 – An arrest warrant was served on a Vermillion man. He was transported in custody to the jail where he later posted bond and was released.

03/20/13 13:50 – A protection order was served to an inmate in the jail.

03/21/13 15:00 – A patient was transported from the Sanford Emergency Room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

03/21/13 17:35 – A deputy took a report of a lost license plate. The loss was documented and the owner was directed to the Treasurer’s Office for a replacement.

03/22/13 11:15 – The school resource officer responded to a report of a combative student at Jolley School. The student was taken home by his guardian.

03/22/13 13:37 – A man wanted on Clay and Minnehaha County warrants was arrested in Vermillion and transported to the jail.

03/22/13 16:12 – An inmate who was sentenced to the State Penitentiary was transported there from the county jail to begin his sentence.

03/22/13 17:52 – A deputy and fire units responded to a brush fire east of Burbank. Due to proximity to the railroad tracks, the railroad was notified.

03/23/13 09:34 – A man was arrested on a warrant for failure to properly register as a sex offender.

03/23/13 11:14 – A deputy took a report of a non-injury accident between two cars on private property at a rural residence.

03/23/13 11:22 – An Irene resident reported a phone call indicating they won a sweepstakes but were required to pay a fee to collect it. This is an indication the call is a scam since a winner never has to pay a fee for a real prize award. A deputy investigated and discouraged the resident from participating in the scam.

03/23/13 13:02 – An inmate who was brought into the jail on a warrant claimed he was having chest pain. He was transported to the ER where no problems were detected. The inmate then claimed hallucinations but was not found to be a danger to himself and was returned to the jail.

03/23/13 18:17 – A caller reported he caught an eagle with a broken wing. A deputy notified a Conservation Officer who made arrangements to pick up the injured bird from the caller.

03/23/13 21:08 – A deputy investigated a car/deer collision on Highway 46.

Total Records: 32

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