For the Record

Cases disposed 2/15-21/2013

Joseph H. Swantek, 663 W. County Road, Genoa, NE; Speeding other roadways, $39.00 plus costs

Dimitri Alandal Jones, 1328 Westgate, Vermillion; Use or possession of drug paraphernalia, $204.00 plus costs

Audra R. Turner, 29728 400th Avenue, Wagner; Driving with suspended (not revoked) license, $204.00 plus costs

Brett B. Davison, 11608 Frances Street, Omaha, NE; Speeding other roadways, $19.00 plus costs

Brandon M. Reynolds, 702 Red Cedar Ct., Jefferson; Speeding other roadways, $19.00 plus costs

Tyler L. Drappeau, 447 N. Plum St. Lot 11, Vermillion; No drivers license, $54.00 plus costs

Zachary A. Deverman, 305 E. Main St., Vermillion; Making unreasonable noise, $104.00 plus costs

Tori Michelle Kutz, 11610 Calhoun Road, Omaha, NE; Seat belt violation, $25.00

Madeline E. Wagner, 922 Ridgecrest Dr., Vermillion; Failure to make proper stop at stop intersection, $54.00 plus costs

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