FSA Notes

By Keith L. Zanter

Clay and Union County FSA Executive Director

2013 DCP/ACRE Sign-up

Please call the Clay County and Union County FSA Office to set up an appointment to complete your 2013 DCP and/or ACRE sign-up. ACRE sign-up ends on June 3, and DCP sign-up ends on Aug. 2.

We will be asking you if you have any changes in your operation from 2012. These might include new ground, either purchased or rented, less ground, change in rental arrangements or landowners, field changes or even a change to a different bank account for direct deposits.

Thank you for letting us know as soon as possible if you have any of these situations, or if you have another change that could affect your participation.

The CCC-509 Appendix that applies to your 2013 DCP and ACRE contracts is available at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/internet/FSA_File/ccc509_appendix_2013.pdf.

In our continuing effort to reduce spending, we are requesting that you download the appendix and read it on your computer instead of us providing you a hard copy, if you have the ability to do so. You can also request a copy by e-mail by contacting anyone in our office.

If you are unable to do either of these, we will provide you with a printed copy because when you sign your CCC-509 contract you are:

  • Acknowledging receipt of the appendix,
  • Agreeing to abide by the terms of the contract,
  • Agree to comply with the regulations governing the applicable program and payment eligibility and limitation provisions,
  • Acknowledge and agree that the terms and benefits under DCP and ACRE are subject to change based upon change to applicable statute,
  • Certifying to the accuracy of the information listed on your contract.

The appendix lists the purpose, definitions, contract requirements, and payment rate information for your 2013 CCC-509 contract and is a good reference source.

Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)

The deadline to purchase a NAP policy is March 15. NAP provides basic catastrophic insurance protection for crop types that are not insurable through standard Federal Crop Insurance. This would include crops such as native or tame grass for hay or grazing, other crops such as millet and forage sorghums, and any other crops not covered by federal crop insurance. The NAP application fee is $250 per crop type with a $750 maximum fee per county.

2011 SURE Sign-up Continues

If you had prevented planting or other crop losses in 2011 give us a call at the FSA Office and we can run your 2011 SURE workbook to see if you qualify for a disaster payment for 2011.

Sign-up Dates for CRP General Sign-up 45

USDA announced that the next general CRP sign-up will be held from May 20 through June 14. Land that is not currently enrolled in CRP may be offered for enrollment during CRP sign-up 45.

In addition, CRP participants with contracts expiring on Sept. 30 may submit offers. Accepted contracts for CRP sign-up 45 will begin on Oct. 1.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Keith Zanter

Clay and Union County Executive Director

Clay County FSA Union County FSA

121 West Kidder St., Suite 102 1101 E. Main St., PO Box 460

Vermillion, SD 57069 Elk Point, SD 57025

605-624-7060 Ext. 2 605-356-3308 Ext. 2

FAX: 605-624-8404 FAX: 605-356-2725





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