Legislative notes

By Rep. Nancy Rasmussen

District 17

Last Wednesday was crossover day for the House and Senate. On crossover day all House bills had to move over to the Senate and all the Senate bills had to come to the House.

The House of Representative members were diligently addressing legislation on crossover day until past 9 p.m.
I would like to draw you attention to a few of the bills we deliberated on.

HB 1089 was a livestock identification bill, in a nutshell, this bill would have required the entire state to be a brand inspection area. This bill failed 22-47.

HB 1204 addressed the Common Core Standards. This bill would require the Board of Education to obtain legislative approval before adopting any further standards. This bill passed 36-32.

HB 1010 and HB 1222, bills addressing gun laws, were killed in committee.
HB 1214 passed the House 39-28. This bill will provide prenatal care for certain unborn children.
I encourage you to look at these and all other bills on line at legis.state.sd.us.

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