Legislative Notes

By Rep. Nancy Rasmussen

District 17

We have arrived at week eight! This marks the last regular week for the 88th Legislative Session. This week holds another of many “firsts” for me: It is budget week at the capitol.
Along with tying up other loose ends, we will be reviewing a newly proposed economic development plan, “Building South Dakota.” This proposal includes aid for education, big and small business projects, local infrastructure, and affordable housing.
Once all other bills with fiscal impacts are dealt with, the appropriations committee will work on Gov. Daugaard’s proposed budget. The committee will pass on the budget to the House and Senate to be approved on Friday.
After this week, Gov. Daugaard will have two weeks to sign or veto any remaining legislation. Then on March 25, we will return to Pierre for the 40th day of the 88th Legislative Session.
As always, I encourage you to follow along with the legislative process. South Dakota Public Broadcasting documents the proceedings of the state legislature on Statehouse. Visit http://www.sdpb.org/statehouse/ to learn more.

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