Over South Dakota II – More Incredible Vistas

SDPB Television presents Over South Dakota II this March, featuring fascinating aerial views of South Dakota. The one-hour high-definition special, a sequel to the breath-taking Over South Dakota, features additional footage, filmed via helicopter, of our beautiful state. It premieres on Sunday, March 3, at 8:30 p.m.

Over South Dakota II takes us to a number of locales, including the 1880 Train, Aberdeen Railroad, Bear Butte, Corn Palace, Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Deadwood, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Hot Springs, Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hoven, Huron, Lead, Minuteman Silo, Mitchell, Mount Rushmore, Norwegian Stave Church, Pierre, St. Joseph Cathedral, Sica Hollow, Sisseton, Song of the Spirit Building, Spearfish Canyon, Spirit Mound, Split Rock Park, Wall Drug, Winner rodeo, Wounded Knee and Yankton.

The new program is divided into four parts – early exploration and ties to the military; settlement and creation of the state; development of population centers and areas with special meaning; and natural and human-made wonders and spirituality.

South Dakota singer and songwriter Boyd Bristow narrates and the program concludes with words from Badger Clark, the late cowboy poet (1883-1957) who became the state’s first poet laureate in 1937. Tune in for a unique and powerful perspective of our state.

The incredible vistas for Over South Dakota and Over South Dakota II were filmed during the summer of 2011 by SkyWorks, an internationally acclaimed production organization, in partnership with SDPB. The project is supported by the South Dakota Departments of Tourism and Game, Fish and Parks.

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