State debate champs crowned

Aberdeen Central and Milbank were the Sweepstakes champions in Class AA and Class A, respectively, in the 2013 South Dakota State Debate Tournament, held Friday and Saturday at the YHS/Summit Activities Center in Yankton.
Final results from each category were as follows:
US EXTEMP — 1. Mason Wenzel, Mitchell; 2. Michael Buchanan, Aberdeen Central; 3. Maggie O’Brien, Watertown; 4. Caleb Munce, S.F. Lincoln; 5. Connor Munsinger, SF Roosevelt; 6. Karen Lee, Aberdeen Central.
INTERNATIONAL EXTEMP — 1. Lily Ren, SF Lincoln; 2. Lucas Bartl, Mitchell; 3. David Mikhayelyan, SF Lincoln; 4. Jack Seitz, Aberdeen Central; 5. Kyle McKee, SF Washington; 6. Allen Chov, SF Roosevelt
ORIGINAL ORATORY — 1. Shelby Bloomer, SF O’Gorman; 2. Emily Pedersen, Aberdeen Central; 3. Elliot Johnson, Brookings; 4. Sam Vassar, Aberdeen Central; 5. Angela Liu, SF Washington; 6. Aimee Bannwarth, SF O’Gorman
LINCOLN-DOUGLAS — Finalists: Joe Mehlhaff, Aberdeen Central; Rebecca Desens, Aberdeen Central; Semi-Finals: Allie Kantack, Brookings; Jalatama Omar, SF Washington; Quarter-Finalists: Alliyah Greaver, Yankton; Carson Vanduch, Brookings; David Mikhayelyan, SF Lincoln; Audra Garrigan, SF O’Gorman
POLICY DEBATE — 1. Jaedon Kroger and Connor Munsinger, SF Roosevelt; 2. Maggie O’Brien and Jackson Shriver, Watertown; Semi-Finals: Caleb Munce and Brandon Rivard, SF Lincoln; Katlyn Powers and Jony Ross, SF Washington; Quarter-Finalists: Meyer and Bien, Brookings; Hardie and Redlin, Watertown; McKee and Person, SF Washington; Hussein and Arens, Yankton
PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE — 1. Michael Buchanan and Emily Pedersen, Aberdeen Central; 2. Gabby Metzger and Kara Robbins, Brookings; Semi-Finals: Tyler Wilson and Amanda Gonzalez, SF Washington; Cara Beck and Matthew Alan Schilling, Mitchell; Quarter-Finalists: Skorey and Clark, Yankton; Wenzel and Bartl, Mitchell; Vassar and Ehrmantraut, Aberdeen Central; Sulaiman and Nelson, SF O’Gorman
US EXTEMP — 1. Cuchulane Speirs, Spearfish; 2. Ryan Walno, Spearfish; 3. Joe Miller, Vermillion; 4. Seth Miller, Vermillion; 5. Katelyn Loutsch, Milbank; 6. Allwin McDonald, Milbank
INTERNATIONAL EXTEMP — 1. Nathaniel Steinlicht, Milbank; 2. Seth McDonald, Milbank; 3. Robert Erikson, Vermillion; 4. Henry Plummer, Spearfish; 5. Sowmya Ragothaman, Vermillion; 6. Brady Jandl, Lennox
ORIGINAL ORATORY — 1. Tori Remington, Milbank; 2. Rachel Crawford, Spearfish; 3. Tristan Chasing Hawk, Harrisburg; 4. Ann Marie Anderson, Harrisburg; 5. Hanna Lessley, Spearfish; 6. Rachel Johannsen, Milbank.
LINCOLN-DOUGLAS — Finalists: Nathaniel Steinlicht, Milbank, and Seth McDonald, Milbank; Semi-Finals: Tristan Chasing-Hawk, Harrisburg, Rachel Crawford, Spearfish; Quarter-Finalists: Robert Erikson, Vermillion; Joellen Gonsoir, Groton Area; Chelsea Gilbertson, Vermillion
POLICY DEBATE — Finals: Miller and Erikson, Miller and Knedler, Vermillion; Semi-Finals: Tori Remington and Morgan Jones, Milbank; Callie Sleep and Kellie Morford, Spearfish
PUBLIC FORUM — 1. Conner Monsees and Keren Kabambi, Harrisburg; 2. Henry Plummer and Cuchulane Speirs, Spearfish; Semi-Finals: Bevin Clapper – Natalie Sneed, SF Christian; Scott Mah and Dustin Wahl, SF Christian; Quarter-Finalists: Anderson and Tuttle, Harrisburg; Rogothaman and McFall, Vermillion; Johannsen and McDonald, Milbank; Mack and Hurst, Spearfish.

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