Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

03/24/13 20:35 – A deputy found boards with nails in them on 302nd St. It appeared they fell from a vehicle. The deputy removed the debris from the road.

03/25/13 18:35 – A deputy served a protection order to a Vermillion man.

03/25/13 18:50 – A vehicle was observed with a non-functioning tail light and brake light. The driver was stopped and notified of the problem.

03/26/13 06:56 – A report was received of a horse on the highway on 456th Ave. A deputy responded and located the owner who removed the horse from the road.

03/26/13 12:25 – A report was received of llamas on the highway near Wakonda. A deputy responded and did not locate any llamas. A message was left for the owner.

03/26/13 13:29 – A deputy responded to Irene after receiving a report of a non-injury accident on private property. An accident report was completed.

03/26/13 13:30 – A deputy took a report of a sweepstakes fraud attempt. The reporting party had been suspicious from the beginning so he did not pay any money or given out any personal information. The Attorney General’s Office was notified.

03/26/13 13:59 – A wanted person who was arrested in Winner for Clay County charges was transported to Yankton on a prisoner shuttle. A deputy met the shuttle in Yankton and transported the inmate to the Clay County Jail.

03/26/13 16:23 – A deputy mediated a dispute between a man and his ex-wife. The dispute was over ownership of some property and a child refusing to live with the custodial parent. The teenager was informed he needed to stay with the custodial parent until a court ordered a change in custody.

03/26/13 19:30 – A deputy followed up with new information on a previously reported prowler complaint in Wakonda. The investigation is continuing.

03/26/13 20:44 – Officers checked a rural residence where the homeowner had returned to find a door open. No one was found in the residence and nothing was disturbed.

03/27/13 00:27 – A deputy received a request to check on the welfare of a baby in Wakonda because of suspicions of drug use. The mother and baby were not located. This information was passed on to the caller. Deputies will continue to attempt to locate the woman to assess the baby.

03/27/13 09:00 – The School Resource Officer investigated a report of a Jolley School student assaulting another on the playground. This student has been previously disciplined for violence. This case was forwarded to the States Attorney for consideration of juvenile delinquency charges.

03/27/13 09:11 – A deputy responded to a report from a parent of a child in Wakonda refusing to go to school. The deputy convinced the boy that he needed to go to school.

03/27/13 11:03 – A deputy encountered a disabled vehicle on the highway. The driver had already called for assistance so no further assistance was required.

03/27/13 13:33 – A patient was transported from the Sanford Emergency Room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

03/27/13 15:41 – An inmate was transported from the State Penitentiary Trustee unit in Yankton to the Clay County Jail for a court appearance.

03/27/13 19:39 – A deputy transported a patient from Sanford Emergency Room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

03/28/13 12:05 – A deputy responded with fire units to a controlled burn that got out of control. The fire had been started in Union County. The Union County Sheriff’s Office was notified.

03/28/13 12:22 – An inmate was transported from the Clay County Jail to the Yankton State Trustee Unit after being brought here for a court appearance.

03/28/13 14:31 – A driving complaint was received about a pickup pulling a trailer loaded with crushed cars. The caller complained about erratic driving. A deputy located the vehicle and observed Motor Carrier offenses. Motor Carrier Officers with SD DOT followed up with those issues.

03/28/13 14:54 – A deputy received an anonymous complaint of mistreatment of dogs in Irene. The Irene Police Department was notified and it was found that the Irene Police Chief was aware of it and would follow up. This information was passed along to the caller.

03/29/13 01:35 – A caller reported a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 46. A deputy responded and found a pickup with a flat tire parked in a field approach. The driver was not present but the vehicle had no damage and had not been in an accident. A message was left for the registered owner to contact the Sheriff’s Office if he needed any assistance.

03/29/13 10:52 – Two inmates were transported to the Union County Jail for temporary holding due to overcrowding in the Clay County Jail.

03/29/13 11:16 – A deputy responded along with fire units to a grass fire near Bluff Road and Frog Creek Road.

03/29/13 14:08 – Deputies investigated reports a person wanted in Lincoln County was residing in a barn at a rural residence. The man was not found and was reported to be out of state now.

03/29/13 14:40 – A deputy assisted a motorist with alternate directions around bridge construction since the implement he was pulling was too wide to fit.

03/29/13 19:53 – A deputy investigated allegations of one inmate passing medication to another in the jail. The matter is under investigation

03/30/13 01:37 – A group was found camping at the Clay County Park boat ramp. Camping is not permitted in this area so the group was given information about an approved camping location.

03/30/13 03:18 – A report was received of a man walking on Highway 50 and not dressed for the weather. A deputy responded and found an intoxicated man walking to Yankton. The man was given a ride to his friend’s residence in Gayville.

03/30/13 11:37 – A caller reported a dog was running on the Burbank Road. The caller was concerned for the dog. A deputy responded but the dog was no longer in the area.

03/30/13 18:17 – A caller reported losing two pistols. The weapons will be entered into a national database. The matter is under investigation.

03/30/13 18:45 – Deputies responded to a report of a dog attacking a child at a neighbor’s residence. Clothing was torn but the child was not injured. The dog had previously bitten a neighbor. The neighbor had shot and injured the dog. The dog owner agreed to humanely euthanize the wounded dog.

03/30/13 20:12 – Deputies assisted with an ongoing dispute over personal property owned by a couple who is divorcing.

03/30/13 21:01 – A deputy investigated a car/deer crash east of Vermillion on Highway 50.

03/30/13 23:04 – A deputy investigated a report of a party on a gravel road near Hub City. No one under 21 was found drinking and no citations were issued.

Total Records: 36

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