Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

03/31/13 11:02 – A deputy received calls from a father and mother involved in a dispute over a custody transfer. The deputy mediated a transfer of the child in Lincoln, NE.

03/31/13 11:03 – A caller reported a vehicle speeding in excess of 100 mph on Highway 46. A deputy responded to the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.

03/31/13 21:44 – A deputy observed a stranded motorist near Wakonda. He found the vehicle was overheating. After some time the vehicle had cooled enough to continue so the deputy followed to make sure the vehicle made it to Wakonda.

04/01/13 10:35 – Two inmates were returned from the Union County Jail after being boarded there due to crowding in the Clay County Jail.

04/01/13 15:05 – A caller from Missouri requested someone check on the welfare of her sister who lives in a rural area. A deputy checked and found the woman in good health and learned there was a miscommunication that prompted the request.

04/01/13 21:45 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he was arrested for a probation violation.

04/02/13 14:06 – A protection order was served to a woman in Vermillion.

04/02/13 16:55 – Court Services requested a deputy to respond to the courtroom. Officers responded and learned that a defendant was about to be remanded into custody at his sentencing hearing. The defendant was taken into custody and held in the jail to await transportation to the State Penitentiary.

04/02/13 23:59 – A deputy observed a vehicle traveling at 74 mph in the 55 mph zone on 302nd St. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

04/03/13 10:14 – The school resource officer and other officers searched for a middle school boy who had run away from the school. The boy later showed up at a relative’s residence and the SRO returned him to the school.

04/03/13 14:53 – A report was received of an ongoing problem with goats straying to a neighbor’s property causing damage. The owner of the goats was contacted and informed of the problem and potential liability involved.

04/03/13 19:07 – An inmate was transported to the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls to begin his sentence for a drug conviction.

04/04/13 08:18 – A report was received of an over width truck trying to get through the construction area on the Highway 50 bypass. The construction crew was able to move cones and guide the vehicle through.

04/04/13 19:00 – A rural resident reported tires and rims were stolen from the back of a pickup which was parked at his residence near Beresford. The theft is under investigation.

04/04/13 20:38 – A deputy assisted a DCI agent working in another jurisdiction with delivering a search warrant to a judge in Vermillion so the search warrant could be signed.

04/04/13 21:49 – A woman in Minnesota called with concern that a person just released from the Clay County jail might come to her residence. A deputy had served the inmate with a protection order so he called the sheriff’s office in Minnesota and confirmed there was an active protection order in case the man goes there.

04/05/13 03:24 – A report was received of a horse out east of Vermillion. A deputy responded and searched the area using a spotlight but did not locate the horse.

04/05/13 07:36 – A caller reported what appeared to be a building on fire west of Meckling. The property owner had already called and reported he would be burning so a deputy checked to make sure the fire was still under control. No building was burning and the property owner did have the fire under control.

04/05/13 13:15 – Traffic control was requested west of Vermillion after a semi had turned too sharply and the rear of the trailer was stuck in the ditch. Traffic control was provided while the truck was pulled out and the load secured.

04/05/13 17:16 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion. The petitioners were notified.

04/05/13 20:04 – A second call was received of a horse loose East of Vermillion. A deputy responded and met with a nearby resident who was able to secure the horse in another pasture and hold it until the owner could be found. It was later determined that the horse belonged to another resident in the area.

04/05/13 23:59 – A deputy observed a vehicle speeding at 72 mph on 452nd Avenue. The car was stopped and the driver cited for speeding, driving without insurance and driving under suspension. A licensed driver came and drove the vehicle away from the traffic stop.

04/06/13 02:23 – A rural resident reported an intoxicated man on her porch. A deputy responded and found an intoxicated man who said he was a USD student and had walked there from a house party in Vermillion. The man was cited for underage consumption and returned to his dorm.

04/06/13 13:30 – A caller reported another vehicle was swerving on Highway 50. A deputy located the vehicle and assessed the driver finding no signs of impairment.

Total Records: 24

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