Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

04/07/13 09:48 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after a probation violation.

04/07/13 13:50 – A deputy took a report of a burglary at an unoccupied farm near Beresford. Saddles and other items were taken. The incident is under investigation.

04/07/13 17:24 – A report was received of dead geese dumped at a rural location north of Vermillion. The information was shared with the Dept. of Game, Fish and Parks. The incident is under investigation.

04/08/13 09:30 – A Vermillion man was arrested for an outstanding warrant. He was booked into jail and held until his bond was posted.

04/08/13 23:39 – A report was received of a domestic dispute that resulted in a non-injury two car accident. The matter is under investigation but one driver was charged with DWI.

04/09/13 12:55 – A rural resident reported a broken screen door. A deputy responded and found that there was no indication of intentional damage and the damage appeared to be caused by strong winds.

04/09/13 14:30 – A deputy investigated a Dept. of Social Services referral regarding an allegation of one sibling threatening another with a knife. The matter is under investigation.

04/10/13 10:28 – A deputy received a report from a rural resident who did not want to pay for propane she didn’t order. She was advised the matter was a civil dispute to be handled in small claims court if she couldn’t come to an agreement with the provider.

 04/10/13 10:37 – A business reported a shoplifting incident where a customer switched price tags on two items in a rural business. The incident was captured on video. After review, a deputy recognized the suspect and was able to recover the item. Charges are pending after review by the States Attorney.

04/10/13 10:47 – The School Resource Officer assisted the Vermillion Police Department with mediating a dispute between two teenage girls.

04/10/13 15:04 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

04/11/13 12:37 – A deputy responded to a 911 hangup call at a residence in Burbank. Investigation showed the call resulted from a phone line malfunction.

04/11/13 20:57 – A deputy assisted a Nebraska officer who is investigating a Clay County sex offender who is reported to now be living in Nebraska. Nebraska authorities will work to confirm the current location of the offender.

04/12/13 12:24 – A caller reported an injured dog on Highway 50 near Meckling. It appeared it had been hit by a car. A deputy was able to locate the dog’s owner who took the dog to a vet.

04/13/13 00:33 – A woman came into the office to complain that another woman had assaulted her at a residence near Meckling resulting in an altercation between the two women. An investigation resulted in conflicting reports about who was the aggressor. Investigation continues.

04/13/13 11:05 – A caller reported the theft of a trailer, tools, and other items from an unoccupied residence near Irene. Deputies are investigating.

04/13/13 11:20 – A woman reported someone deliberately scratched her car at a residence near Meckling after an altercation between two women at the residence the night before. The woman has suspects and a deputy is investigating.

04/13/13 11:28 – A woman reported her daughter stole a trailer hitch from her vehicle. A deputy investigated and learned the daughter had simply put the trailer hitch in another location in the vehicle.

04/13/13 13:06 – A caller reported seeing juvenile boys at an unoccupied residence near Beresford where there had been a previous theft. The boys were located and stolen property was recovered. The case will be forwarded to the States Attorney for prosecution since the boys are juveniles.

04/13/13 14:09 – A caller complained that a high school student rented a tuxedo and didn’t return it. The student was contacted by a deputy and advised to return the tux as soon as possible.

04/13/13 22:44 – A deputy encountered a disabled vehicle near Wakonda. It was found the owner had substituted plates from another vehicle without authorization from the Treasurer’s Office. He driver had already requested a tow. The driver was given information on how to resolve the license plate discrepancy.

Total Records: 21

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