Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

04/28/13 10:35 – A deputy responded to a grass fire on 306th St. and assisted fire units with traffic control.

04/28/13 19:24 – A deputy stopped to check on a disabled vehicle on Highway 19. The driver had already summoned assistance so no further assistance was necessary.

04/28/13 21:12 – A deputy responded to assist a Highway Patrol Trooper with the investigation of an accident involving a deer and a motorcycle on Highway 50 East of Vermillion. The motorcycle driver and passenger were transported from the scene by ambulance.

04/29/13 16:04 – A report was received of a suicidal juvenile. Deputies responded and found that the juvenile was OK. He stated he was not suicidal and that friends had misinterpreted his comments. No hold was placed but he was left in the care of his mother.

04/29/13 17:52 – A juvenile was found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was left in the custody of parents and the report will be forwarded to the States Attorney for prosecution.

04/29/13 23:25 – A deputy encountered a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 19. There was no damage and the vehicle was off the road so it was left in its place to allow the owner to have it moved.

04/30/13 07:02 – A vehicle was stopped for speeding on the Highway 50 Bypass. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for no insurance and arrested for outstanding Charles Mix County bench warrants.

04/30/13 09:45 – A deputy investigated a report of a theft of money from a resident in the nursing home in Irene. The matter is under investigation.

04/30/13 11:09 – A juvenile female was transported by a deputy from a Sioux Falls group home to Vermillion for court.

 04/30/13 14:43 – A deputy transported a juvenile female to a group home in Sioux Falls and an adult male to the state penitentiary in Sioux Falls to begin his sentence.

04/30/13 17:19 – A deputy investigated a complaint of one inmate in the jail stealing from another.

04/30/13 17:51 – A complaint was received of an open fire in Meckling causing burning debris to blow around. A deputy responded and the property owner was asked to contain the fire.

04/30/13 19:30 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

05/01/13 12:35 – A patient was transported by a deputy from Irene to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a mental illness hold.

05/01/13 13:40 – The School Resource Officer took a report of a stolen iPod from a vehicle in the high school parking lot.

05/01/13 18:08 – A report was received of a group of vehicles stuck on a minimum maintenance road. Deputies responded and found one vehicle stuck and others trying to pull it out. The juvenile drivers were advised to attempt again when the road dried.

05/01/13 23:22 – A deputy responded to investigate a 911 call with the line remaining open in Burbank. It was determined that the phone line was disconnected and experiencing a malfunction.

05/02/13 01:29 – A caller reported a traffic cone moved from a construction area into the traffic lane. A deputy responded and moved the cone to its proper place.

 05/02/13 10:31 – A deputy on patrol observed calves walking under an electric fence wire and into the road. The landowner was notified of the issue.

05/02/13 16:12 – A deputy responded to a report of a caller reporting his neighbor’s dog was killing his chickens, ducks and a turkey. He had caught the dog that had its owner’s phone number on a tag. The deputy contacted the owner who picked up the dog and offered restitution.

05/02/13 22:22 – A deputy responded to Irene to assist a Yankton County deputy with locating a Clay County resident who was not home.

05/03/13 09:28 – A deputy responded to a report of a two-car accident on Highway 19 near 302nd St. Information was taken for an accident report.

05/03/13 19:08 – A man was transported by a deputy from the jail to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

05/04/13 09:31 – A report was received of traffic cones in the lane in a construction area. A deputy responded and made sure there was no current hazard and reported the matter to the construction company so the cones and signs could be properly replaced.

05/04/13 09:57 – A deputy investigated a report of a nursing home resident who suspected some money may be missing.

Total Records: 25

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