Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

05/12/13 19:51 – While on patrol, a deputy noticed a damaged traffic sign. The information was passed along to the County Highway Department so it could be repaired.

05/12/13 21:08 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for speeding after a deputy observed him traveling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone near Wakonda.

05/13/13 13:08 – A deputy took a report of a trap set illegally. The information was forwarded an officer from the Game Fish and Parks Dept.

05/13/13 13:21 – A deputy transported an inmate to a doctor appointment and then returned him to the jail.

05/13/13 20:05 – A deputy took a complaint from a rural resident stating her neighbors drive fast and damage the road. The neighbors were informed of the complaint. There were no violations observed so no citations were issued at this time.

05/15/13 08:10 – A deputy served a protection order to a woman in Vermillion.

05/15/13 15:28 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Clay County Jail to the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls to begin a prison sentence.

05/15/13 20:36 – A deputy took a report of a dispute from a rural resident who complained his neighbor’s lawn mowing at 8 p.m. was disturbing him due to the late hour. There were no criminal offenses committed so the information was documented.

05/15/13 21:35 – A deputy investigated a report of a tractor and equipment parked partially on the road. The owner was contacted and he reported he had an equipment malfunction and would move the equipment as soon as possible. The deputy checked later and the road was clear.

05/16/13 08:11 – A deputy responded to a report of a tractor and disk knocking down a power pole and power lines north of Wakonda. There were no injuries. Clay-Union Electric responded to turn off power and repair the lines.

05/16/13 08:32 – A deputy observed a vehicle traveling 97 mph in the 65 mph zone on Highway 19. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for that offense as well as driving with a suspended license.

05/16/13 11:31 – A deputy assisted a state veterinarian with investigating a complaint against a rural Wakonda farmer who has not sheared his sheep and had not disposed of dead animals. Instruction was given for proper disposal and a deadline was given for shearing the sheep.

05/16/13 13:09 – A Wakonda woman reported repeated harassing text messages from her mother who lives elsewhere. The incident is under investigation.

05/16/13 14:39 – A deputy assisted a parent with checking on a teenager who was home alone from school and made the parent suspicious he may be hosting a party. No one was found at the residence. This information was shared with the parent.

05/16/13 14:58 – A deputy investigated a report from a citizen who witnessed exhibition driving by another vehicle. The deputy located the suspect vehicle and identified the driver. The States Attorney may prosecute if the witness signs a sworn complaint.

05/16/13 19:40 – An inmate was transported to the Yankton County Jail to meet a prisoner transport shuttle to Pennington County.

05/17/13 08:05 – A deputy observed a vehicle speeding at 56 mph in a 35 mph zone in Wakonda. The driver was stopped and cited for the violation.

05/17/13 09:00 – The school resource officer investigated a report of a Jolley School student threatening another. The boy’s parents and probation officer were notified of the incident.

05/17/13 14:38 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he violated probation in Yankton.

05/17/13 18:17 – A rural resident called and reported numerous suspicious calls from the same unknown number. A deputy responded and gave information on how to block the number.

05/17/13 20:22 – A caller reported construction barrels and cones in the driving lane on Highway 50. A deputy responded and cleared the equipment from the road.

05/17/13 22:41 – A rural resident reported traffic in a field and suspected it may be a party. Deputies located a group fishing. They did not have permission from the landowner so they were asked to leave the area.

05/18/13 11:17 – A deputy assisted the Beresford ambulance with a medical emergency near Beresford.

05/18/13 12:16 – A deputy observed a vehicle speeding at 70 mph in the 55 mph zone north of Wakonda. The vehicle was stopped and the driver cited for the offense.

05/18/13 13:43 – A deputy located a pickup stuck in the ditch near Gayville. The vehicle was not damaged and after the driver was located elsewhere. it was determined he was not injured. No accident report was necessary. The driver was evaluated medically.

05/18/13 15:19 – A deputy checked on a stranded motorist near Meckling. A tow truck had already been contacted and no assistance was needed.

05/18/13 16:57 – A rural Centerville resident reported a problem with people fishing on a bridge and impeding traffic. A deputy responded but the fishermen were gone. Deputies will watch the area for more issues.

05/18/13 18:24 – A deputy observed stray goats in Wakonda. The owner was contacted and informed of the issue and was told of a problem area in the fence.

Total Records: 28

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