Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

04/21/13 20:04 – A caller complained another driver was weaving on Highway 50. The vehicle was located and it was determined the driver was not impaired.

04/21/13 20:39 – A deputy responded to a report of a domestic assault in Irene. A man was arrested for assault and transported to the Clay County Jail.

04/21/13 23:12 – A deputy responded to a report of a juvenile girl who reportedly overdosed deliberately on pills. She was taken to the emergency room.

04/22/13 09:52 – Deputies searched for a man who made suicidal statements in Wakonda. The man was later located in Yankton County and evaluated for a mental health committal.

04/22/13 11:28 – A deputy responded to an altercation between two women in Wakonda. Statements were taken and information forwarded to the States Attorney.

04/22/13 14:50 – A teacher reported students at the Alternative School on Cherry St. smelled of marijuana. The students were contacted and although they and the vehicle they were in smelled of marijuana, they blamed others and no marijuana was found.

04/22/13 16:38 – A deputy responded to a non-injury accident on Highway 19 north of Vermillion. Information was taken for an accident report.

04/22/13 18:05 – A deputy responded to a report of a vehicle which had slid off the road and became stuck in the snow. The driver had already called for a tow and the vehicle was not damaged.

 04/22/13 18:20 – A deputy encountered a vehicle stuck in the snow and abandoned along the edge of the road near Meckling. The vehicle was a traffic hazard so it was towed from the area.

04/22/13 18:58 – A deputy responded to a report of two vehicles in the ditch on Highway 46. The vehicles were no longer in the area when the deputy arrived.

04/23/13 09:54 – A deputy took a report of a theft of tools from a farm. The complainant knew who had the tools and did not wish to pursue charges if the tools were returned. A deputy contacted the suspect who acknowledged he had the tools and had made a mistake and would return them to the owner.

04/23/13 13:26 – A man wanted on two Clay County bench warrants appeared in court on a separate charge. The man was taken into custody for the other charges and booked into the jail.

04/23/13 16:32 – A woman reported she lost her license plate after an accident in Minnesota. A report was necessary to have a new plate issued.

04/23/13 18:09 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

04/23/13 18:39 – Deputies stood by while a woman removed property from an apartment in Irene after a domestic dispute.

04/23/13 20:00 – A deputy investigated an open 911 call from the Irene High School. The principal was contacted and no problems were found.

04/23/13 21:32 – A deputy served protection orders to a man and his girlfriend against one another in Irene.

04/24/13 13:15 – A deputy arrested a man for a probation violation at the request of his probation officer.

 04/24/13 16:43 – A Nebraska State patrol Officer requested a deputy to contact a rural Wakonda man to verify he sold a vehicle to a woman who was behaving suspiciously in Nebraska. The man said he had sold the vehicle but had not been paid yet. The information was shared with the Nebraska officer.

04/24/13 19:18 – A caller complained her ex-husband was driving with a child unrestrained. A deputy took a statement so the States Attorney can review the case and file charges if appropriate.

04/25/13 14:26 – A caller from Meckling requested a deputy check on his neighbor after the neighbor fell. A deputy checked and found the neighbor was doing fine.

04/25/13 23:39 – A deputy encountered a vehicle containing fishing equipment at the Clay County park boat ramp. The owner was not fishing at the time and did not have a fishing license. He was informed that the park area closes at 11 p.m.

04/26/13 07:37 – A caller reported a group of college age people standing in the back of a moving pickup. A deputy responded to the area but the vehicle was not located. It was later located after a second complaint and the driver was arrested for DWI.

04/26/13 10:57 – A jailer discovered an inmate had stolen a bottle of hand sanitizer and inmates had mixed it with pop to drink in order to become intoxicated. The inmates will be charged with theft and felony charges of possession of alcohol in jail.

04/26/13 11:10 – A deputy responded to a report of an erratic driver with people in the back of his pickup. The deputy located the vehicle as it entered Vermillion and stopped it. The driver was arrested for DWI. Vermillion Police Officers assisted with the occupants and two passengers were cited for Underage Consumption of alcohol.

04/26/13 17:35 – A deputy served a protection order to an inmate in the jail.

04/26/13 20:28 – A caller from Wakonda reported his neighbor’s dog attacked his dog. The dog was not seriously injured. The caller did not want to pursue dog at large charges but the neighbor was warned of the offense.

04/26/13 23:53 – A deputy encountered a couple in a parked car at the Clay County Park boat ramp. The couple was informed the park area closes at 11 p.m.

04/27/13 08:47 – A deputy responded along with the Centerville ambulance to a report of a man found deceased in his semi which was parked at a rural business. The coroner also responded and determined the death was of natural causes.

04/27/13 15:25 – A caller reported a vehicle came into his lane almost causing an accident. A deputy responded but the vehicle was no longer in the area. The caller did not see the license plate.

04/27/13 17:13 – A caller reported her son hit a mailbox near Beresford. A deputy gathered information for an accident report.

04/27/13 17:46 – A deputy transported a woman from the Sanford Hospital ER to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

04/27/13 17:49 – A deputy investigated a one car rollover injury accident on Burbank Road. The driver was cited for careless driving and a passenger was cited for underage consumption of alcohol.

Total Records: 33

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