Warner looks ahead to South Dakota challenges

PIERRE – With much still to accomplish in challenging times ahead for South Dakota’s public university system, Jack Warner said he plans to continue to lead that system forward.

Warner, the executive director and CEO for the South Dakota Board of Regents, had been a finalist for president of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education. On Tuesday, he announced his decision to remain in his current position in Pierre.

Warner credits a supportive Board of Regents, highly effective university presidents and special school superintendent, an outstanding professional staff, and a Legislature and governor committed to public higher education as factors in his decision to stay in South Dakota.

“To be effective in this kind of work, you really need strong support from all those sectors—the governing board, presidents and superintendent, the staff, and state policymakers,” Warner said. “All of those things are in place in South Dakota, and I am happy to remain here.”

Warner said he is proud of a public system of universities and special schools that contribute in vital and substantial ways to South Dakota economic and workforce growth and the state’s well-being. Under his leadership, the Board of Regents will continue to improve upon and fine tune its strategic goals to enroll and graduate more citizens, attract new residents to South Dakota, leverage university-based research and development, and grow its graduate programs.

“We always keep our eye on the ultimate purpose of postsecondary education, which is to prepare future leaders and educate citizens who will contribute in meaningful ways to social, governmental, and economic organizations in a modern, knowledge-driven world,” Warner said. “In South Dakota, our demographic challenges also dictate particular efforts on our part to raise the educational attainment of our citizens, while growing the South Dakota workforce.

“Public higher education, through its academic and research initiatives, is playing a significant role in building a more robust economy for South Dakota,” Warner said.

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