American Legion presents elementary, middle school awards

Vermillion American Legion Post #1 announces the students chosen for the 2013 School Awards.

Teachers from each of the elementary schools, St Agnes and middle school select students to receive the American Legion School Awards. Students from each grade are chosen annually for this honor.

In addition to an American Legion School Award certificate, each student receives an American Legion Medal.

Chosen from Austin Elementary were Stephanie Carr and Joaquin Dominquez for the first grade.

Jolley School winners were Sophia Jerke and Seongwoo Kang for the second grade, from the third grade is Bridget Hulac and Charlie Ward, from the fourth grade Anna Bottesini and Riley Palensky from the fifth grade Cayla Christiansen and Nick Doty.

At the middle school, Sydney Allen and Ryne Whisler represented the sixth grade, Maddie Martinez and Carl Fairholm represented the seventh grade, and Madison Dooley and Colton Rydstromr were the winners from the eighth grade.

St. Agnes School award-winners were Jaymes Drake and Henry Anderson in the first grade, Abby Roob and Jack Freeburg in the second grade, Ava Higman and Drake Moser chosen in grade three, Victoria Havermann and Carter Neilan representing the fourth grade and Brenna Mockler and Alexis Saunders were the award winners in the fifth grade.

“Students chosen to receive this recognition from the American Legion are students who have demonstrated outstanding development of the qualities of Courage, Honor, Leadership, Patriotism, Scholarship, Honesty, and Service.” said Ray Hofman, Legion Americanism officer, “and American Legion Post #1 is proud to recognize these young boys and girls who have been chosen by their teachers to represent their respective grades for the 2012 school year.”

Legion members Dick Stensaas, Clinton Meadows and Gene Sanow assisted with the 2013 presentations

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