Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

05/26/13 12:21 – A deputy received a report of a 911 hang-up phone call from a residence where, due to previous similar calls, it was known that the number was disconnected. The deputy contacted the resident and confirmed no assistance was needed.

05/26/13 13:54 – A rural resident reported his garden had been damaged by weed spray. A deputy investigated and found that a neighbor had sprayed a field and the spray had drifted to the garden. There was no malicious intent and the matter was not criminal but there may be civil liability.

05/26/13 17:46 – A deputy mediated a dispute in Wakonda regarding property owned by an inmate in the Yankton County Jail. There was a dispute between a girlfriend and family members over who should have his possessions. The deputy got clarification from the inmate.

05/26/13 20:28 – A complaint was received of cars parked on a bridge south of Centerville. A deputy responded and located one car there and a man fishing from the bridge. The driver was asked to move his car from the road.

05/27/13 20:36 – A deputy responded to a report of a car driving off road on public land south of Vermillion. Upon arrival, the car was no longer in the area.

05/28/13 15:45 – A report was received of vehicles on private property and littering occurring. The landowner had a license plate number so the owners were contacted. The vehicle owner stated his wife had permission to be there and had not littered. This information was passed along to the property owner.

05/28/13 19:47 – A deputy encountered two vehicles on the highway and a group fishing from a bridge. The drivers were asked to move their vehicles from the road.

05/28/13 21:29 – A deputy investigated a car/deer collision that happened on Highway 50 east of Vermillion.

05/29/13 08:02 – A deputy served an eviction order and found the tenant gone but personal property left behind. The locks were changed and a message was left for the tenant to contact the sheriff’s office to pick up the remaining personal property.

05/29/13 10:51 – A deputy transported an inmate to a doctor visit and then returned him to the jail.

05/29/13 12:53 – A deputy transported an inmate to a dentist and then returned him to the jail.

05/29/13 14:22 – A rural Meckling resident reported damage to turn signal lenses on a vehicle. She did not notice the damage previously and felt it happened while parked at her residence. A deputy investigated.

05/29/13 17:37 – A rural resident reported a vehicle parked on a bridge on a county gravel road south of Centerville. The occupant was fishing. A deputy responded but the vehicle was gone.

05/30/13 17:18 – A report was received of a vehicle stalled on Highway 50 causing a traffic hazard. A deputy responded and learned a tow truck had already been called. The deputy provided traffic control until the vehicle could be moved.

05/30/13 21:46 – A Wakonda resident reported a driving complaint. A deputy was in the area but no violation was observed. The suspect vehicle was stopped and the driver was informed of the complaint. This satisfied the complainant who did not wish to pursue the issue any further.

05/31/13 06:13 – A deputy responded to a rural residence after a report that a man was threatening his father with a meat cleaver. The suspect was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault.

05/31/13 08:50 – A rural resident reported someone had spun circles in his recently planted cornfield damaging the crop. The matter is under investigation.

05/31/13 11:09 – A deputy responded to a Wakonda residence to check on the welfare of a man who his neighbors were concerned about. The man was not located. Deputies will follow up when the man is located.

05/31/13 12:52 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency at a rural residence and assisted the patient until an ambulance arrived.

05/31/13 14:04 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency north of Vermillion. An ambulance also responded and took over care of the patient.

05/31/13 14:13 – A deputy transported a patient from the Sanford Emergency Room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a mental health committal.

05/31/13 14:38 – A deputy transported an inmate to the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls to begin his prison sentence.

05/31/13 17:29 – A deputy encountered a motorist changing a tire on Highway 50. The deputy assisted with traffic control until the vehicle could continue.

05/31/13 18:50 – A caller reported her car was out of gas and parked along a gravel road just north of Highway 50 and a vehicle struck it causing damage. The suspect left the scene without reporting the damage. The incident is under investigation.

05/31/13 19:27 – A deputy transported a patient from Sanford Emergency Room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental illness committal.

Total Records: 25

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