Public comment sought on SD geographic names

The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names (SDBGN) is seeking public comment on whether the word “Negro” is offensive in names of geographic features.

Current legislation directs the SDBGN to rename any features with the word “Negro” in the name.

A number of comments that have already been received indicate that the individuals and organization representatives do not find the word offensive. Based on those public comments, SDBGN is seeking additional input from the public regarding the use of the word “Negro” as a part of a name for geographic features in the state.

Please share any comments regarding whether the word “Negro” is offensive as a part of a name for a geographic feature. Please also submit any historical, ethnic or cultural information regarding this issue.

Based on the public input received, the SDBGN will discuss at their August board meeting whether the features that currently have “Negro” in their name are to be renamed or whether the issue needs to be brought to the South Dakota Legislature for further consideration.

Comments should be submitted no later than August 1, 2013. Submit comments to:

SD Board on Geographic Names

Dept. of Tribal Relations

302 East Dakota

Pierre, SD 57501


Or access the Public Comment Form at

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