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Wednesday Evening Ladies League

May 15 saw a beautiful evening for golf as the Wednesday Evening Ladies’ League (WELL) had its second outing. The weather, in contrast to the previous few weeks, was beautiful – warm and sunny. The somewhat unusual weather brought out some different types of exuberant behaviors.

Tammy Baisden was performing a gangnam style dance on the course. For those who don’t know, “Gangnam Style” is a song released by a South Korean musician named Psy. The dance moves in the music video have become a phenomenon. These were being performed by Tammy this evening. In addition, Pat Flanagan may have been hoping for some help with her game as she was wearing a rally cap as she played.

The pin prizes were won by Laura McNaughton for longest putt on #10, Lynette Wulff for coming closest to the pin on #12 and Callie Beach for the longest drive on hole 18. Kathy Merrigan-Manning shot the low gross of the evening with a 47. Low net went to Lynette Wulff with a 33 (48-15).

WELL had its third outing of the season on May 22. In keeping with the bipolar nature of our spring weather the temperatures were in the mid-50s (the depressed half of the bipolar spring weather) with an ever-present threat of showers. Nevertheless, an intrepid group of women went out to golf.

Three pin prizes were available to be won. The first, closest to the pin on hole #5 was won by Barb Weyrich. Mary Ellen Jensen came closest to the pin on #8 to win the second pin prize while Joanne Ustad garnered her pin prize for the longest putt on hole 9.

Despite chilled hands Kathy Merrigan-Manning shot the low gross of the evening with a 47. Lynette Wulff had low net with a 35 (50-15). No one reported any birdies although there were numerous barn swallows swooping around the carts searching for bugs and six goslings sighted. Inside the clubhouse Barb Ballensky won the Quackson drawing to take home a modicum of cash.

Men’s Senior Golf Fun League

There were two matches on Tuesday at 9 a.m. at The Bluffs.

Dick Burbach and Sid Davis won the match against the team of Gary Prasek and Dave Zimmer.

In a match decided by the score on the fourth tie-breaker hole, Milo Gilbertson and Cleland Cook defeated the team of Vern Holter and Pat Boyle.

The men’s senior league meets at 9 a.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The next meeting is on June 11 at 9 a.m. On June 4, there is a senior men’s tournament at The Bluffs.

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