The Bluffs Bulletin Board — Wednesday Evenings Ladies League

W.E.L.L. held another round of play on June 5. This week the weather cooperated well, being cool and breezy, but not threatening rain at every turn. The better weather was reflected in some better golf as well (or, it could also be because we now have a few rounds under our belts).

As an example, Mary Gauer shot a 39 this week to score the low gross. Two women tied for having the low net score with a 32: Peggy Donnelly (44-12) and Jane Uhl (41-9). We also had our first reported birdies (not counting the now two flocks of goslings). Jane Uhl had a birdie on hole #8 while Pat Flanagan, celebrating her birthday 4 days early, had a birdie on #5. The group also celebrated Pat’s birthday with a cake (chocolate, of course) and a card.

Spreading the golfing goodness around, Kathy Merrigan-Manning won the pin prize for longest putt. Taking home the money in the 50-50 drawing this week was Sheila Prosser.


Standings as of June 5


Points won                 Possible points          Percent points won


1. Two Putts               25.5                            35                               72.86%

2. Birdie Bound         25.5                            36                               70.83%

3. Lucky Shots            21.5                            36                               59.72%

4. The Golden Girls    20                               35                               57.14%

5. Wedgies-Boxers    18                               36                               50.00%

6. Puttin’ Divas          17.5                            36                               48.61%

7. Angry Birdies         16                               35                               48.71%

8. Not Bluffing           12.5                            35                               35.71%

9. L-O-N-G Shots        9                                  26                               34.82%

10. Wedgies-Briefs    8.5                               26                               32.69%

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