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Wednesday Evening Ladies League

Another beautiful night for golf June 12 and the Wednesday Evening Ladies League took advantage of it. It was reported that the most important piece of information and exciting event that evening was the winning of the 50-50 drawing by Darlis Labahn. Of course, since it was Darlis who reported it, there may be cause for speculation in the overall importance.
In the golfing portion of the evening things were quieter than the previous week. No birdies were netted. Kathy Merrigan-Manning had a good night, though, scoring both the low gross (40) and the low net (40-9 = 31).

There were two pin prizes on the course. One, for longest putt on hole #14, was won by Susan Oberle. It appears that none of the people this reporter consulted with recalled who won the second prize. It is not certain, but there could be certain chemicals, such as CH2COOH, that interfered with the recall of the recorders. Hopefully the skillful recipient will come forward and we can report that to you with next week’s results.

Wednesday Morning Ladies Golf

What a beautiful Wednesday morning, June 12. It was a wonderful day for everyone to get out and enjoy. We had 25 ladies today at luncheon, the best so far this year.

The lunch was great thanks to Cherry Street Grille, and the desserts were also. The desserts were provided by Irma Burbach and Brenda Chatham. Thanks ladies.

We had a guest today – Bente Bungum, granddaughter, of Mary Bartels. It was nice having you come to our group and welcome back, Mary. Gwen Mount also joined our group today, and will hopefully become a member.

Our drawings were won by:

$5 – Agnes Moeckler and Sue Kappenmann.

Quarters – Mary Lea Hennies, Joyce Zimmerman, Beth Silvano, Agnes Moeckler, Jo Willroth, Karine Amundson and Babe Hurowitz. Babe had a birthday today and we all sang happy birthday to her. Congrats, Babe.

Our golf today – yes we did get to golf and in nice weather. We played Pluttless. Edith Nelson was our winner with 44.

Dominoes – There were four tables today with great groups.

Round 1 – Babe Hurowitz, Judy Sullivan, Joyce Zimmerman, and Agnes Moeckler.

Round 2 – Babe Hurowitz, Dorie Heine, Beth Silvano, and Irma Burbach.

Round 3 – Babe Hurowitz, Mary Lou Christopheron, Anita White, and Barb Boone.

Total score – Maxine Roger, Doris Heine, Beth Silvano, and Agnes Moeckler.

Well, looks as though Babe and Agnes had a good day today.

We wish everyone could have the fun we all have. No matter what you game you will have fun. Come on out.

– Pat Steckelberg

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