USD announces academic honors for 2013 Spring Semester students

University of South Dakota students receiving academic honors for the 2013 Spring Semester have been announced.

Students achieving Dean’s List honors total 1,641 full-time students while 459 part-time students have been cited with Academic Recognition honors.

Students earn Dean’s List distinction by achieving a GPA of at least 3.5 while maintaining a course load of 12 or more credit hours with no incomplete or failing grades. Part-time students are eligible for Academic Recognition by completing at least 12 hours prior to the current semester earning a minimum of three and up to 11 credit hours during the term and achieving a GPA of at least 3.5 with no failing or incomplete grades.

Additionally, 21 students enrolled at the University of South Dakota School of Law attained Dean’s List recognition this spring. To be named to the School of Law Dean’s List, law students must achieve either a GPA of 85.00 or greater for that semester or rate in the top 10 percent of their class for that semester, whichever group is smaller. The list is not based on cumulative grade point average, and first semester, first-year law students are not eligible for the law school’s Dean’s List.

The South Dakota Board of Regents sets the policy for Dean’s List eligibility. For more information on the Board of Regents policy, see

Students receiving academic honors for the 2013 spring semester from the Vermillion area include:

Beresford – Anna M. Limoges, Zach Orr, Andrew J. Dolan, Jessica Olson, Daniel A. Frieberg, Lennea M. Clark, Leah M. Akland, Kyle M. DeLay, Brittany Wastell (Academic Recognition); Burbank – Brittany J. Sudbeck, Todd E. Stephens, Riley M. Braun, Stacey L. Allen (Academic Recognition); Centerville – Matt Laska, Tucker J. Tornberg, Joshua Rahn, Tessa M. Goehring, Molly M Pingrey, Tim Norling, Nicole K. Steadman, Jennifer J. Berg (Academic Recognition), Jodi L. Tieman (Academic Recognition); Dakota Dunes – Chandler A. Hunt, Kendall W. Martin, Mary K. Okine, Molly E Long, Nicole J. Funck, Nicole J. Funck, Mary Dick, Jade A. Hofer, John L. Sandman (Academic Recognition); Elk Point – Courtney J. Thorpe, Isaiah N. Cloud, Michelle L. Corio, Kelsie J. Paulsen, Ben Staum, Seth E. Cloud, Sean M. Cox, Jordon Flynn, Hillary A. Howard, Cassie L. Hilbrands, Casey A. North, Marica Rupp, Kelsie J. Paulsen, Adrian P. Ries, Emily B. Zeller, Sandra A. Miller (Academic Recognition), Amanda Connelly (Academic Recognition); Gayville – David J. Floyd, Katie Hirsch, Stacy A. Hirsch; Hurley – Alex R. Rasmussen;), Christopher Dabney (School of Law); Ipswich – Maria T. Howard; Irene – Carly J. Wilson, Brittney Jefferson – Nicholas R. Spilger, Steven N. Harding, Masha H. Fehr, Luke C. Frankl, Ellie J. Dailey, Stephanie L. Petersen, Paige S. Norton, Brittany J. Miller, Lanie M. Florke, Amber Nearman, Lori A. Hixson (Academic Recognition); North Sioux City – Tammy Ho, Gary D. Christiansen, Bradley A. Halverson, Adam J. Brand, Alyssa Limke; Vermillion – Alexis M. Oskolkoff, Mikey J. Smith, Audrey M. Smetter, Jake McBride, Tyler W. Jones, Cassie R. Donahoe, Cheyenne H. Hoesing, Gabe Mambo, Melissa A. Schmidt, Joni L. Moos, Tiffany M. Eide, Benedict S. Gombocz, Anna Lindrooth, Shaydie Engel, Sonia Hernandez, McKenzie M. Huska, Vicki Rasmussen, Lindsay M. Strong, Ashley L. Daughters, Daniel R. Davies, Daniel T. Roberts, Eva L. Soluk, Erica L. Geerdes, Donica J. Crichton, Laci L. Paul, Rachel L. Roth, Krissy Zalud, Leonardo Silva, Cassie A. Schleisman, Ashley Fast, Chelsea R. Albus, Sadie K Winckler, Elizabeth A. Szymonski, Gina M. Plotz, Christina A. Huckfeldt, Mallory A. Zweber, Alissa J Olson, Lacey A. Leichtnam, Steffani E. Donahoe, Eric A. Roach, Andrew J. Kost, Scott J. Cichos, Clint A. Hubert, Long Zhou, Vanesa Salgado Perez, Lucy F. Keith, Maxwell F. Swanson, Kimberly C. Sjurson, Reanna L Bertram, Jessica L. Johnson, Erik M. Ustad, Aaron R Steele, Vonda Cotton, Kanaka L. Rao, Karissa S. Martin, Stacie H. Kjelden, Jake Evenson, Heidi Suter, Cassie C. Kleihauer, Amy L. Myron, Lauren M. Fink, Teramie Hill, Bobbi A Greenfield, Ernie Schmidt, Gina M Plotz, Liz Moyer, Erica P. Wergin, Amy M. Gehling, Aaron Packard, Brian T. Muldoon, Jordan D. Hoffman, Paula J Krier, Amanda K. Beynon, Christen R Smith, Megan L. Nedved, Jamie A. Turgeon, Rachel L. Roth, Jennifer Bye, Christina Johnson, Trisha A. Callaghan, Emma L. Solberg, Alicia E. Ray, Sadie K. Winckler, Elly J. Melby, Lauren A. Leichtnam, Amber J. Walker, Leanna M. Maxson, Lindsay M. Robinet, Will E. Sullivan, Sarah M. Cowles (Academic Recognition), Jason Thiel (Academic Recognition), Greg Kerkman (Academic Recognition), Dustin J. Kempton (Academic Recognition), John Christopherson (Academic Recognition), Jillissa E. Richey (Academic Recognition), Kyle D. Jorgensen (Academic Recognition), Tim D. Goodman (Academic Recognition), Melissa J. Lee (Academic Recognition), Robin Miskimins (Academic Recognition), Kara M. Rasmussen (Academic Recognition), Jerry R. Prentice (Academic Recognition), Greg Kerkman (Academic Recognition), Nick Willan (Academic Recognition), Jerrid L. Van Sloten (Academic Recognition), Alyssa D. Hendrickson (Academic Recognition), Sara Bartscher (Academic Recognition), Erica R. Richey (Academic Recognition), Ronda J. Mayrose (Academic Recognition), Alicia A. Harms (Academic Recognition), Patricia J. Carr (Academic Recognition), Amy J. Dekok (Academic Recognition), Amanuel Okubatsion-Estifanos (Academic Recognition), Sara Hansman (Academic Recognition); Viborg – Rebecca K. Anderson, Katie L. Huber, Dana L. Mach, Barb J. Hardwick, Rebecca Vanbeek (Academic Recognition); Wakonda – Melissa Hessman, Cody A. Wagner, Melissa Hessman, Nancy Andresen (Academic Recognition)


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