Watson is May 2013 PRIDE Employee

Kelly Watson, environmental services for Sanford Vermillion, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion May 2013 PRIDE Employee of the Month. She has been employed here since June 2007. Watson was previously recognized as Sanford Vermillion Employee of the Month in February 2009.

Nominations for Watson included the following:

Personalized Service: Kelly demonstrates individualized care for each client and department she services.

Respect: Kelly demonstrates privacy and respect through her polite demeanor. Innovation: She goes beyond job duties to care for others.

Dedication: Kelly promotes environmental services through her dedication to keeping Sanford Vermillion clean and safe.

Excellence: She promotes excellence through her observant and care of others around her.

Additional comments: Kelly went beyond her typical duties and was observant and caring for a tenant. She was instrumental in reporting that they may have needed medical help or assistance.

“Kelly is always willing to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile to get things done. She is a great person to have on our team,” said Joan Reed, environmental services manager, Sanford Vermillion.

Kelly (Riehle) Watson is a native of Vermillion and resides here with her two children, Colby and Tanasha. In her spare time she likes reading, walking and spending time with her kids.

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