Celebrate Independence Day safely

To the Editor:

Americans love to celebrate the Fourth of July with family, friends, food and fireworks, but all too often the festivities turn tragic on the nation’s roads. The fact is, this iconic American holiday is also one of the deadliest holidays of the year due to drunk-driving crashes.

According to data from NHTSA, during July 4 holidays over the five years from 2007 to 2011, Seven hundred eighty people lost their lives in crashes involving drivers who had BACs of at least .08 g/dL. These fatalities account for 40 percent of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities over this same five-year period.

In an effort to keep the Vermillion streets safer for all on this holiday, the Vermillion Police Department will be staffing extra patrol for the purpose of DUI enforcement and traffic safety on July 4.  Motorist are reminded that the safest alternative is to not drive if you have consumed any alcohol.  As always, feel free to contact the Vermillion Police Department with any questions or concerns.

Wishing everyone a safe Independence Day,

Jacy Nelsen – Sergeant

Vermillion Police Department

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