Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

06/16/13 21:26 – A deputy responded to assist the Highway Patrol with the investigation of an injury rollover accident on 470th Ave.

06/17/13 07:55 – A report was received of a missing backhoe bucket that had been lost in the river by the County Highway Dept. A deputy investigated and found a nearby resident who had recovered it from the river. The owner was notified of where to pick up the bucket.

06/17/13 10:48 – A deputy responded to a trespassing complain south of Meckling. The suspect was someone who had recently opted not to renew her lease. Investigation found she was retrieving her own property. She was asked to make sure the landlord was aware if she needed to return.

06/17/13 14:58 – A township supervisor reported a resident may have taken gravel from the road and spread it on his driveway. A deputy investigated and found that it did not appear that the resident had stolen any gravel.

06/17/13 15:59 – A deputy observed a car speeding at 78 mph in the 55 mph zone on University Road. The car was stopped and the driver was cited for the offense.

06/17/13 22:40 – A deputy found a lawn chair on Highway 19. It appeared to have fallen from a vehicle. The deputy moved it off the road.

06/17/13 23:39 – A deputy responded to a report of a car/deer accident on Highway 50 West of Vermillion.

06/18/13 09:48 – Deputies assisted the Vermillion Police Department with a death investigation in Vermillion. The coroner was contacted and investigation determined the death was of natural causes.

06/19/13 11:02 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after the inmate violated the 24/7 program there.

06/19/13 11:11 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

06/19/13 15:21 – A rural resident reported the theft of sheet metal from an outbuiding. The matter is under investigation.

06/19/13 20:10 – A deputy investigated a 911 call from a cell phone west of Vermillion. The caller was located and it was determined the call was an accidental dial.

06/20/13 07:24 – A deputy investigated a motorcycle/deer accident West of Meckling on Highway 50.

06/20/13 10:27 – A deputy transported an inmate from the jail to a doctor appointment and then returned him to the jail.

06/20/13 12:59 – A deputy received a report from citizen who reported someone attempted to scam him by claiming he won a prize but needed to pay fees first. The citizen didn’t pay any of the false fees and no money was lost.

06/20/13 13:01 – An inmate was transported from the jail to the Human Services Center in Yankton for a court ordered evaluation.

06/20/13 13:02 – An inmate was transported from the jail to a doctor appointment and then returned to the jail.

06/20/13 13:36 – Deputies attempted to locate a woman to check the welfare of her child after a complaint was received in Wakonda. The woman lives in Yankton County to the information was relayed to the Yankton County Sheriff after the woman was not found in Clay County.

06/20/13 16:51 – Deputies responded to a bicycle accident with an injured cyclist at Dakota and Clark Streets. They assisted a patient until the ambulance could respond.

06/20/13 21:57 – A deputy observed a vehicle with no tail lights functioning. The driver was stopped and informed of the problem.

06/21/13 11:19 – A deputy mediated a dispute between a landlord and former tenant who was moving his personal property to his new residence.

06/21/13 13:50 – A 911 call was received from a nursing home patient who said she didn’t want to stay there anymore. A deputy spoke to her about this.

06/21/13 18:04 – A deputy assisted a motorcycle operator who had run out of gas.

06/21/13 22:11 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident east of Vermillion on Highway 50.

06/22/13 00:27 – A deputy stopped a car due to a headlight out. The driver was found to be wanted in Clay County. The driver was arrested on the warrant.

06/22/13 09:27 – A deputy investigated a theft of gravity wagons which occurred sometime in the past year.

06/22/13 17:34 – A deputy responded to a complaint of a stray horse east of Vermillion. The horse was put back in its pasture but the owner was not home.

Total Records: 27


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