Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

07/07/13 00:43 – A deputy investigated a report from a woman who felt she was assaulted while she was drunk and abusing drugs. A deputy investigated, speaking to witnesses and found that no assault had occurred.

07/07/13 17:38 – A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding on University Road and found the passenger in labor. The driver stated they were going to the hospital in Yankton. The deputy advised them that the hospital in Vermillion was closer.

07/07/13 20:37 – A deputy provided traffic control until a tree could be moved from Highway 19 near the Missouri River after a storm blew it down.

07/07/13 20:53 – A deputy investigated a minor car/deer accident on Highway 19 north of Vermillion.

07/07/13 23:36 – A deputy responded to a report of cattle on the road near Burbank.

07/08/13 07:22 – A deputy stopped a vehicle and cited the driver for speeding in a construction zone west of Vermillion.

07/08/13 13:21 – A deputy took a report from an Irene resident of hang up phone calls happening repeatedly. Information was given regarding blocking private numbers.

07/08/13 22:36 – A deputy mediated a non-violent domestic dispute near Wakonda.

07/09/13 10:24 – A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding in a construction zone west of Vermillion and informed the driver of a malfunctioning tail light.

07/09/13 11:31 – A purse was brought into the Sheriff’s Office after it was found along Highway 50. A deputy contacted the owner and returned it to her.

07/09/13 16:53 – A rural resident report fraudulent activity on her credit card after it was lost or stolen. The matter is under investigation.

07/09/13 17:17 – A caller reported a reckless driver northbound from Meckling. A deputy responded to the area but the vehicle was gone.

07/10/13 02:01 – A deputy stopped a vehicle to notify the driver that she had no working taillights. It was found the driver had neglected to turn on her headlights and had only daytime running lights on.

07/10/13 09:55 – A deputy assisted a GFP Conservation Officer with investigating a report of a mountain lion sighting near Spirit Mound.

07/10/13 10:45 – A deputy transported an inmate who was just released from the State Penitentiary to the Clay County jail due to a warrant for his arrest for pending charges.

07/10/13 14:49 – A deputy assisted a driver who was stranded in a hot car. Mechanical assistance was contacted and the vehicle was towed to a service center.

07/10/13 18:54 – A rural resident reported a transient asphalt paving contractor pushed him into agreeing to a quick paving job. Deputies investigated and found fraudulent practices were used. The victim’s money was recovered and the pavers left the area. Charges are being considered.

07/10/13 22:27 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for driving 66 mph in a 45 mph construction zone on Highway 50 west of Vermillion.

07/11/13 07:52 – A deputy assisted the County Highway Superintendent with investigating some barricades being moved from a closed bridge near Westreville. The barricades were properly replaced.

07/11/13 09:50 – A deputy investigated a complaint of an irrigation pivot spraying water on the road. The owner was contacted and arrangements were made to adjust the pivot.

07/11/13 10:16 – A deputy investigated vandalism and a theft of a drill in Wakonda. The drill was later located elsewhere in the residence.

07/11/13 12:53 – A deputy transported two inmates from the Minnehaha County Jail to the Clay County Jail after they were arrested there for Clay County charges.

07/11/13 14:27 – A deputy transported an inmate to a doctor appointment and then returned him to the jail.

07/11/13 18:50 – A deputy traveled to Lake Andes to pick up a prisoner wanted on Clay County charges.

07/11/13 23:59 – A deputy investigated a one-car accident north of Vermillion.

07/12/13 16:20 – A deputy responded to a 911 call from a cell phone leaving the line open. The caller was found doing construction work near the Missouri River. The call was an accidental dial and there was no emergency.

07/12/13 18:52 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency at a rural residence and assisted the patient until the arrival of an ambulance.

07/12/13 21:50 – A deputy responded to a 911 hang-up call at a rural residence. He found there had been a verbal domestic dispute and no violence had occurred.

07/12/13 23:29 – A deputy checked on a vehicle parked on University Road north of Vermillion. He found the driver sleeping but not impaired. The driver woke up and drove to Vermillion.

07/13/13 14:58 – Deputies assisted a Highway Patrol Trooper with investigating a two-car injury accident at Hub City.

07/13/13 21:25 – A caller reported a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed near Irene. Deputies responded to the area but the vehicle was no longer present.

Total Records: 31

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