Governor makes appointments to athletic commission

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has made the final two appointments to the newly-created South Dakota Athletic Commission.

Margaret Gillespie, of Hudson, is an attorney with Gubbrud, Haugland & Gillespie of Alcester. Gillespie served in the State House from 2001-2009 and in the State Senate from 2009-2011, and was the assistant house minority leader from 2005-2009.

Lee Lohoff J.D., of Yankton, recently graduated from Northwestern University Law School. Lohoff has served in the South Dakota and Minnesota Army National Guard, and while serving, he completed two combat tours in Afghanistan and became a hand-to-hand combat instructor. He has both participated in and coached at boxing events and was active in bringing mixed martial arts to a number of Sioux Falls clubs.

Dr. Michael Bergeron of Sioux Falls, Michael Kilmer of Belle Fourche and Dr. Richard Little of Spearfish were previously named to the commission.

The South Dakota Athletic Commission was created during the 2013 Legislative Session by Senate Bill 84. The five member commission will provide for the supervision of boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts competitions and sparring exhibitions in the state.

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