Medical facility’s support appreciated

To the editor:

June 30, 2013, will be the 20th anniversary of the ribbon cutting for the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. The medical center now includes a new hospital, medical clinic, care center, and congregate care center.

Prior to the construction of this new facility, there was debate in the community as to whether this facility should be constructed and as to whether the community should assist in the funding of the project. In a 1991 referendum, the voters approved funding that went on to provide a portion of the funds for the cost of the new medical center. This referendum not only gave the hospital facility the financial resources to go forward, but it was also a vote by the community that said yes, we need a new health care facility and we’re willing to help pay for it.

When the decision to build the new health care facility was made, it was John Paulson, Larry Veitz, and Kathy Manning, R.N., along with the input of numerous community members, whose leadership directed the creation and development of the facility.

The Vermillion community members should take a moment to pat themselves on the back for making the decision to support the health care facility. Whenever an individual receives care in this facility, you have played a role in making that possible. You have not only helped to make the past 20 years possible. You have also made sure that this facility will be available for future generations to come.

Thank you,

William Dendiger, M.D.


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