New city water tower being built piece by piece

Vermillion's new water tower is set to be completed by Aug. 15, 2014. (Photo by David Lias)

Vermillion’s new water tower is set to be completed by Aug. 15, 2014. (Photo by David Lias)

By Travis Gulbrandson

The pieces of Vermillion’s new water tower are set to start arriving in town near the end of this month.

Water department superintendent Randy Isaacson gave the city council a progress report of the project during a special meeting July 1.

The project’s deadline completion is Aug. 15, 2014.

“I think with a decent winter, they could actually be out there doing work this winter,” Isaacson said.

The water tower pieces are being made by Maguire Iron, Inc., in Sioux Falls, which Isaacson visited last month.

“All the welding that they do at the facility is done by a machine,” Isaacson said. “Submerged arch welding. It’s a pretty neat little system. They put the pieces on a roller, and a piece just rolls, and this welder welds as it’s rolling. It really makes a beautiful weld. Everything that’s going to be welded on-site is going to be done by hand.”

An entry door will be located in the bottom of the tank, leading to three landings going up, separated with a ladder system.

“You can crawl up, go through one landing, close the door behind you and crawl up to the next,” Isaacson said. “It’s kind of a safety feature. …

“The ladder system is going to actually go right through the tank itself, and there’s going to be a landing up there with a railing system. I think the railing system is going to be six feet tall, five feet,” he said. “That’s where our lighting will be, and that’s where the antennas and things will be.”

Isaacson added that he did not know whether Sprint would have a tower on the platform like they do on the current one.

“If it was me, I would prefer just to put city, county (and) emergency services up there,” he said.

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