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By Connie L. Strunk

Plant Pathology Field Specialist

Sioux Falls Regional Extension Center

2001 E 8th St

Sioux Falls, SD 57103


Have you been out scouting and checking your fields?  If you haven’t I encourage you to do so.  While out scouting I have been amazed at how fast the crops are changing.  Most of the pale yellow corn is now back to normal colored, soybeans are flowering, the second cutting of alfalfa is taking place, and the wheat is turning color.

While out scouting I have noticed some disease issues occurring.  In small grains, I have seen scab (Fusarium Head Blight), bacterial streak, black chaff, glume blotch, leaf rust, some stripe rust, take-all root rot, wheat streak mosaic virus, and ergot.

The main issue I have observed in soybeans is damping-off.  Damping-off can occur two ways: before emergence, where the seedlings fail to emerge because of a fungal attack; or post-emergence, where the seedlings are killed by fungal attack after emergence.

Even though most soybean seed has been treated with a fungicide seed treatment, no seed treatment product is effective against all seedling diseases and under all conditions.  It is important to look at what protection your seed treatment offers and the performance it delivers.  It is also important to remember that seed treatments offer a limited time protection against seed and seedling diseases as the chemicals are effective for about 2-3 weeks after planting, depending on soil temperature and soil water content.

If you suspect your fields are being attacked by a disease, be sure and send a sample in for proper diagnosis which will help you in making your decision for this year’s treatment (if available) and planning for next year’s crops.  Samples may be submitted to the:

SDSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic

1205 Jackrabbit Drive

Box 2108

Brookings, SD 57007

Or contact them by phone at 605.688.5545.

SDSU Extension Agronomy Specialists and Field Specialists have been actively out scouting and writing a weekly newsletter with a few main issues which we feel needs to be addressed.  If you are interested in following this newsletter or receiving it, please visit to view past newsletter issues.  You can also sign-up with your email address to receive the electronic newsletter directly in your email inbox.

For more information, contact me at the Sioux Falls Regional Extension Center, 605-782-3290, or by email at



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