The Bluffs Bulletin Board — Wednesday Morning Ladies Golf

Another scorching day (July 17) but the ladies for golf and luncheon are tough and we still had a great turnout: 21 for lunch.
Edith Nelson and Marlys Jensen provided the desserts and they were really good. I enjoyed both of them.
Our drawing winners: $5 – Beth Silvano and Agnes Mockler.
Quarters – Bethe Silvano won twice, Vanetta Youngworth, Ellie Davis, Barb Boone and Sally Gilbertson.
There were enough ladies to play Bridge and Marlys Jensen was High.
It is always fun when there is a bridge table.
Dominoes: There were three tables this week.
Round 1 – Brenda Chatham, Barb Boone and Agnes Mockler.
Round 2 – Beth Silvano, Joyce Zimmerman and Sally Gilbertson.
Round 3 – Babe Hurowitz, Joyce Zimmerman and Agnes Mockler.
Total Score – Vanetta Youngworth, Rose Mart and Dori Ryan.
Golf was quit an adventure today. Hot Hot Hot with Humid on top.
Starting temp about 71 degrees and after nine holes it was 92 degrees. All four of us golfers were tired, sweaty and a bit weaker. It did affect my score. (Really, really bad – 75). We played Roll the Dice. Edith Nelson came out the winner with a 22 countable score. We were on the back nine for a change, which was nice. I lost three balls, Mary Lea Hennies two, but found one of them. She said: It doesn’t seem fair to be penalized for rough stuff (losing a ball, etc.) when the rough is penalty enough.
On #17 I teed off-ball behind the tree, hit the tree, bounced backwards. Hit into the bunker, and took four to get on the par three. Then, yes, I four-putted. Yuck! I was glad the game was over when it got over. But I shall be back next week. Can’t keep a golfer down!
Catch you all later.
Pat Steckelberg

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