Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

08/04/13 09:05 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident north of Vermillion.

08/04/13 10:27 – A deputy assisted the Vermillion Police Department with locating a suspect of a burglary.

08/04/13 16:10 – A deputy mediated a dispute involving phone calls between a divorcing couple. Both parties were advised to consult attorneys and avoid contacting each other.

08/04/13 23:15 – A deputy assisted Vermillion Police officer with responding to a suspicious 911 hang-up call in Vermillion.

08/05/13 10:56 – Deputies investigated a report of a four wheel ATV abandoned in a ditch in northern Clay County. It was found that the ATV was stolen from Brookings County. The ATV was moved to storage so Brookings County can follow up with their investigation.

08/05/13 11:32 – Deputies responded to a report of a missing child at a rural residence. Fire/Rescue and GFP units also responded. The child was found safe and sleeping in a car in the garage.

08/05/13 12:47 – Deputies responded to assist ambulance personnel with a medical emergency in Burbank.

08/05/13 14:52 – A deputy took a report from a resident near Burbank who discovered her husband let the air out of her tires.

08/05/13 17:07 – A report was received of debris on a rural gravel road. A deputy investigated and found concrete and dirt piled on the road. The township was notified of the hazard.

08/05/13 18:05 – A deputy responded to a medical emergency in Burbank and assisted the patient until an ambulance arrived.

08/05/13 22:49 – A deputy transported an inmate to the Clay County Jail from Sioux Falls after she was arrested there for a Clay County warrant.

08/06/13 15:08 – A deputy transported an inmate from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after he was arrested there for a Clay County warrant.

08/06/13 20:14 – A report was received of cattle on Highway 19 north of Vermillion. The owner of the cattle was contacted. A deputy responded and met with the owner who resolved the issue.

08/06/13 20:45 – Deputies located a wanted person in Vermillion. The subject ran and hid in a laundry room of an apartment building. Officers located him and arrested him on the warrants.

08/07/13 08:41 – A deputy took a report of damage to a bridge southeast of Wakonda. The incident is under investigation.

08/07/13 14:57 – A deputy transported an inmate to the Clay County Jail from Yankton after he was arrested there for a Clay County warrant.

08/07/13 21:13 – Deputies served a protection order hearing notice to a rural resident. The subject became verbally abusive and uncooperative. The deputies were able to serve the order and leave without incident.

08/08/13 01:08 – A deputy as well as a SD State Trooper responded to a complaint of a vehicle driving erratically in Wakonda. The vehicle was located and the driver was arrested for DWI.

08/08/13 10:01 – A deputy 
transported an inmate from the Union County Jail to the Clay County Jail for a probation detainer.

08/08/13 10:25 – A deputy took a report of damage to irrigation units near Burbank. The matter is under investigation.

10:56 08/08/13 – A deputy responded to a report of a cat locked in a vacant house in Meckling. The deputy contacted the property management company who agreed to take care of the issue.

08/08/13 11:21 – A deputy took a report of past tense thefts of copper and other metal as well as old motorcycles from a vacant residence south of Wakonda. The items have been missing for an unknown period of time.

08/08/13 15:07 – A deputy responded to a report of cows on the road east of Wakonda. The owner was contacted and he responded to correct the problem.

08/08/13 17:29 – A rural resident reported a man stopped at her house and wanted money and a ride to Yankton. He left the area on a bicycle. A deputy responded but the man was not found in the area.

08/09/13 12:09 – A caller reported a woman walking on highway 50. The caller said the woman looked very young. A deputy responded and found the woman was 33 years old and walking to Texas. She was fine and able to take care of herself.

08/09/13 14:24 – An inmate was transported to a doctor visit and then returned to the jail.

08/09/13 18:05 – A driving complaint was received of speeding and exhibition driving near Masaba on 317th Street. A deputy responded but the suspect vehicles were gone.

08/09/13 19:04 – A rural resident reported her husband had accessed their residence south of Burbank and removed property. She has a protection order against him that had not been served. Arrangements were made to meet him to serve the order and prevent future access to the property.

08/09/13 19:28 – A report was received of a cat biting a child at a rural Wakonda residence. The cat was a farm cat and had no vaccinations. The property owner will attempt to locate and quarantine the cat.

08/09/13 22:44 – A deputy responded to Wakonda and took a report from an intoxicated man who complained that another intoxicated man wanted to fight with him outside the gas station. The aggressive man had left the area already.

08/10/13 01:22 – A deputy stopped a car and ticketed the driver for speeding at 65 mph in the 45 mph construction zone west of Vermillion.

08/10/13 08:55 – A report was received of stolen highway signs along 455th Ave in Wakonda. The highway department replaced the missing signs.

08/10/13 10:26 – A deputy served a protection order to a man at a residence south of Burbank. The man vacated the residence as ordered.

08/10/13 18:45 – A deputy responded to a burglary alarm at a residence in northern Clay County. He found houseguests who were unfamiliar with the alarm inside the residence. The owner confirmed the people were welcome on the property.

08/10/13 19:42 – A deputy investigated a report from resident who reported intentional damage to his chicken coop near Vermillion.

08/10/13 20:07 – Multiple calls were received of a dog on Highway 50 east of Vermillion. A deputy assisted neighbors who housed the dog until the owner was located.

08/10/13 20:42 – A deputy and a State Trooper investigated an injury ATV accident north of Meckling. The driver was transported by ambulance to the hospital. A DWI investigation was also conducted. Charges are pending.

Total Records: 37

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