Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

08/11/13 00:29 – A deputy responded to a residence in Irene to assist a Turner County deputy with a domestic assault report.

08/11/13 14:58 – A rural resident reported his neighbor’s goats were loose and grazing in his bean field. A deputy contacted the owner of the goats, who returned them to a pen.

08/11/13 15:29 – A caller reported an erratic driver southbound on Dakota Street south of Vermillion. A deputy responded but was not in position to intercept the vehicle. The information was shared with the Dixon County, NE, sheriff.

08/12/13 15:30 – A deputy transported an inmate to a doctor visit and then returned him to the jail.

08/12/13 16:57 – A deputy assisted ambulance personnel at the scene of a medical emergency in Vermillion.

08/12/13 17:16 – A deputy investigated a report of various items missing after scrap haulers removed scrap metal from a rural residence.

08/13/13 09:36 – Deputies and Vermillion Police Officers served a court order to search a residence in Vermillion for weapons after a protection order was served. No weapons were found.

08/13/13 11:07 – Deputies traveled to Joliet, IL, to transport a fugitive back to the Clay County Jail.

08/13/13 18:12 – An inmate was transported to the Clay County Jail from the Union County Jail after being arrested there on a Clay County warrant.

08/14/13 18:45 – A vehicle was observed in Wakonda with a malfunctioning brake light. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was notified of the problem.

08/14/13 20:50 – A report was received of tire debris on Highway 50. A deputy responded and removed the debris from the road.

08/15/13 10:28 – A deputy investigated a report of damage to a telephone box south of Vermillion. The damage was found to be accidental and the person responsible was located.

08/15/13 11:38 – A deputy investigated a report of damage to highway signs near Burbank.

08/15/13 18:28 – A deputy responded to a report of a cow on Timber Road.

08/15/13 19:28 – An anonymous caller reported an intoxicated driver northbound on Highway 19. A deputy located the vehicle but did not observe any indications of impairment or any reason to stop the car.

08/15/13 23:10 – A deputy and a State Trooper responded to a report of a prowler at a rural residence. They checked around the residence and found no one present.

08/16/13 09:08 – A deputy investigated a non-injury accident on Highway 46 near Beresford.

08/16/13 20:03 – A rural resident near Beresford reported her son may be at a house party at another rural residence. A deputy responded but did not observe a party or the teenager who was reported to be there.

08/17/13 23:10 – Deputies assisted Vermillion Police Officers with an underage house party in Vermillion.

Total Records: 19

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