Deer license deadlines quickly approaching

By Tony Stokely


A couple of reminders for the sportsmen in the area as a few questions have been coming in. The deadline for East River Deer season application is coming up on Aug. 30. The season dates are Nov. 23to Dec. 8.

For Union and Clay counties, the deer tags have been reduced. In Union County there will be 400 “any deer” licenses available, and in Clay County there will be 300 “any deer” licenses available. No antlerless deer licenses are available for the 2013 East River deer season in these two counties. This means there will not be an extended antlerless season for this area.

Muzzleloader applications are also due on Aug. 30. Again, only “any deer” licenses are valid for Clay and Union counties. The season date is Dec. 1-31. Please review deer application for other counties you are interested in.

Archery deer applications may be applied for at any time. The season dates are Sept. 28-Jan. 15. Again, only “any deer” archery licenses are valid for Clay and Union counties. Antlerless archery deer licenses are not valid in Clay and Union counties. This means the extended antlerless season (Jan. 1-15) will be closed in this area. More counties are included in this restriction, so please review the applications.

The Adams Nature Area will have 10 “any deer” archery licenses available this year. No antlerless licenses are valid in this unit for the 2013 archery season. A free Access Permit is required to hunt archery deer in the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve.

To obtain a free Access Permit, you must first purchase the license type that is valid for this unit. After you have received your license, then you may apply for the Access Permit on the SD GF&P Web site. The Access Permit is a limited draw. The deadline to apply for the archery deer Access Permits is Aug. 21, 8 a.m.

Youth Deer licenses will be valid with only one license type available for this area. There is no deadline for this application. The season dates are Sept. 14-Jan. 15.

Please review the applications online at for more information or questions.

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