Motorcycle accident near Elk Point kills Ohio woman

ELK POINT – An Ohio woman died on Saturday, Aug. 3, when the motorcycle she was riding struck debris on Interstate 29 near Elk Point.

Carolee Weaver, 49, of Luckey, OH, was northbound riding a 1992 Harley Davidson motorcycle. She was riding in a staggered formation of four motorcycles. The lead rider, Brent A. Weaver, 52, of Luckey, OH, was riding a 1983 Harley Davidson. At the crest of a hill, he saw a tire and wheel in the driving lane. His motorcycle hit the tire and went down. The collision knocked the tire into the path of Carolee Weaver’s motorcycle, which struck it. Both riders were thrown from their motorcycles.

Carolee Weaver was dead at the scene. Brent Weaver was taken to a Sioux City hospital with serious injuries. Neither rider was wearing a helmet.

No further information is immediately available.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol is investigating. Union County Sheriff’s Department, Elk Point Police Department, Elk Point Fire Department and Elk Point Ambulance assisted.

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