Presiding circuit judges reappointed

Chief Justice David Gilbertson announced today the reappointment of the South Dakota Unified Judicial System’s Presiding Judges.

First Circuit: The Honorable Steven R. Jensen

Second Circuit: The Honorable Lawrence E. Long

Third Circuit: The Honorable Tim. D. Tucker

Fourth Circuit: The Honorable Warren G. Johnson

Fifth Circuit: The Honorable Jack R. Von Wald

Sixth Circuit: The Honorable John L. Brown

Seventh Circuit: The Honorable Jeff W. Davis

Pursuant to Article V, Section 11 of the South Dakota Constitution, presiding judges are appointed by the chief justice and serve at his pleasure. The presiding judge reappointments follow the chief justice’s selection to a new four-year term. The presiding judges are administrative heads of their respective circuits. The chief justice expressed his appreciation to the presiding judges for their continued willingness to serve the unified judicial system and people of South Dakota in this manner.

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