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Wednesday Morning Ladies League

July 24 was a very nice day.
There were 21 ladies at luncheon. Thank you Agnes Mockler and Doris Heine for the tasty desserts. I ate one of each. It is great to have Pat Pratt and Ramona Kellogg back.
Our drawing winners:

Quarters – Mary Bartels, Marlys Jensen, Ellie Davis, Mary Lou Christopherson, Doris Heine, Ann Stewart and Me (Pat Steckelberg).

The $5 drawings – Ramona Kellogg and Marlys Jensen.  Marlys seems to be our lucky lady today.
Bridge report:  High was Marlys Jensen.
Golf report: Today we played regular golf. It was a good day to golf. Thank you Edith Nelson for golfing with me.

Round 1 – Sue Kappenmann, Rula Hatch and Mary Lou Christopherson.
Round 2 – Anita White, Janet Hof, and Agnes Mockler.
Round 3 – Babe Hurowitz, Rula Hatch, and Rose Mart.

Total Score – Anita White, Janet Hof, and Agnes Mockler.
Seems there were two lucky ladies here, also.
We still have August and September. Come see us!
Pat Steckleberg

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