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Wednesday Morning Ladies League

This morning (Aug. 7) looked like rain but thankfully it did not mature. We had 25 ladies at luncheon, which was fantastic. Thank you Rula Hatch and Janet Hof for the great desserts.

June Wagner and Rose Mart were our lucky $5 winners.

The lucky quarter winners were: Pat Pratt, Beth Silvano, Maxine Rogers, Ellie Davis, June Wagner (two-time winner today) and Mary Lea Hennies.
Bridge report: We had one table again. Good to see bridge players. Marlys Jensen was the winner today.
Golf report: “Pass The Buck” was the name of the game. Six players were golfing. Good to have Ann Stewart with us. Edith Nelson and Darlene Engbrecht were the winners of the bucks.
Dominoes report: Three tables today, and the winners:
Round 1 – Pat Pratt, Janet Hof and Beth Silvano.
Round 2 – Joan Olson, Janet Hof and Beth Silvano.
Round 3 – Pat Pratt, Rula Hatch and Dori Ryan.
Total score: Rose Mart, Vanetta Youngworth and Barb Larson.
Great food, good fun and lots of friendship at The Bluffs. Time to still come and see what you are missing.
Pat Steckelberg

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