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On Aug. 28 we had a smaller group for luncheon and dominoes. There were so many things going on.
Ann Stewart and Beth Silvano provided the treats (three of them).
Sue Kappenmann and Rose Mart were the lucky $5 winners.
Quarters were won by Judy Sullivan, Beth Silvano, Marlys Jensen and Karine Amundson.
The new picture that we donated to the Bluffs is now hanging up. It is beautiful and on the west wall. Thanks again Janet Hof for shopping for us.
Dominoes had two tables of players. Bet there still was no shortage of fun and laughter.
Round 1: Karine Amundson and Judy Sullivan.
Round 2: Karine Amundson and Mary Lou Christopherson.
Round 3: Vanetta Youngworth and Judy Sullivan.
Total score: Sue Kappenmann and Mary Lou Christopherson.
I feel again like I am just repeating myself. Some ladies were very lucky.
Golfing was fun even though it was a bit humid. We did not sweat but did get a bit damp from the humidity. We had only three players and played “Roll The Dice.” Edith Nelson and Darlene Engbrecht tied so they had to split
the kitty.
One more month left. Come on out. The Bluffs would like to see you and so would we. If you have questions, call me.
Pat Steckelberg

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