BREAKING: Vehicle believed to be related to 1971 cold case recovered

Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson

Sheri Miller

Sheri Miller

PIERRE, S.D- Attorney General Marty Jackley and Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges confirm that a vehicle has been recovered in rural Union County that is believed to be related to the Cheryl Miller and Pamela Jackson missing persons case of 1971. The vehicle was discovered in an embankment in the Brule Creek.

The vehicle will be processed for forensic evidence.

Check for updates to this story.

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7 Responses to BREAKING: Vehicle believed to be related to 1971 cold case recovered

  1. YVONNE (OHM) NELSON says:

    Sheri was my very best friend when I lived in Vermillion, She was our next door neighbor. We were together ALL the time, When we moved to ND we still remained very close. Thank YOU for this update. I HOPE & PRAY they find something for the final close on her wonderful loving soul.5231

  2. LuAnn Sorensen-Denke says:

    Pam was not only mt classmate but my friend as was Cheryl. Some of us are still seeking closure. I knew both of them well.

  3. dev moffatt says:


  4. Roberta says:

    I hope you all will find closure for your loss! So sad!

  5. Tom says:

    It’s so great that this may finally be solved. It’s sad that the Vermillion police department have looked and tried solving this or 42 yrs and never looked in the water near the bridge, a half mile from where the girls were supposed to be that night. Seems pretty ridiculous. This could have been found a long time ago, and saved a lot of pain for their families and friends. Let’s hope it gets solved now!

  6. bruce says:

    So, Tom, what’s your problem. Is the Vermillion police department responsible for the disappearance? And since when does the jurisdiction of a city police department extend into another county? It seems you are so self important and smarter than everyone else, then why did you not find the car 42 years ago.

  7. brenda leake says:

    I enjoy cold cases and true crime stories and found this quite by accident while I was surfing. So sad and tragic that these two gals lost their lives and all this time, everyone wondering what happened. I can’t imagine losing a child and waiting 42 years to find out what their fate was. I was only 6 years old in 1971 and Pam and Cheryl would have been the same age as my older brother. but they’ve been in heaven all this time and now the healing can begin for the friends and family who have spent all this time trying to fill the void. God’s richest blessings to all of them.

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