Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

08/18/13 11:38 – A report was received of a road construction sign that had blown over into the traffic lane. A deputy reset the sign.

08/18/13 20:05 – A deputy responded to a report of cows on the road south of Wakonda. Some were gathered up and the owner was notified of the remaining cattle out.

08/18/13 20:22 – A deputy and a state trooper responded to a report of a car in a cornfield. Upon arrival, the car was gone. The vehicle was later located at the owner’s residence in Union County and an accident report was completed.

08/18/13 22:01 – A rural resident reported someone rang her doorbell but no one was at the door. A deputy responded and found no one in the area.

08/19/13 09:46 – A deputy investigated a report of a vehicle running off of Dakota Street south of Vermillion and striking road signs. The suspect vehicle had left the scene.

08/19/13 10:04 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident on Timber Road.

08/19/13 17:35 – A woman requested that a deputy check on her husband at their home north of Wakonda because she has been unable to reach him and was concerned. A deputy responded and found that the man was fine.

08/19/13 18:28 – A rural resident reported someone had deliberately driven in his cornfield. A deputy investigated and observed the suspect vehicle was an ATV. The matter is under investigation.

08/20/13 09:27 – A caller complained that a helicopter was flying low near Highway 50. A deputy responded but did not see the helicopter. It was likely a crop duster.

08/20/13 11:32 – A protection order was served to a woman in Vermillion.

08/20/13 12:14 – Deputies located an assault victim and notified her that the assailant had been released from jail due to a bond reduction.

08/20/13 13:17 – A deputy received a report from a third party of a dispute between two other people. The deputy investigated and found the two men had worked out their differences on their own.

08/20/13 14:01 – A rural residence brought a set of car keys into the office. They were found in a rural field approach. A deputy logged them into found property storage.

08/20/13 16:51 – A deputy responded to a rollover crash with the driver trapped in the vehicle east of Vermillion. The driver was not injured.

08/21/13 10:23 – A deputy responded to a rural residence to assist the fire department after a resident reported a smoke smell in the kitchen. There was no fire but a fan was hot causing the smell.

08/21/13 17:33 – A deputy transported an inmate to the Human Services Center in Yankton to meet a Minnehaha County transport. Prisoners were exchanged and another inmate was brought to the Clay County Jail.

08/22/13 10:18 – A deputy investigated a non-injury accident near Beresford involving a car and a semi which was blocking the highway. A highway patrol trooper also assisted.

08/22/13 13:58 – A deputy transported an inmate from Yankton to the Clay County Jail after he was brought that far by a transport shuttle from Pennington County.

08/22/13 19:00 – A deputy investigated a report of a man violating the conditions of his bond after he was arrested for assault by contacting his victim. Charges are pending.

08/22/13 21:15 – While out on work release and being monitored with a GPS bracelet, an inmate purchased drugs under the observation of police officers. The inmate was promptly arrested for the new charges and immediately returned to the jail. Additionally, he lost all work release privileges for the remainder of his sentence.

08/23/13 08:01 – A deputy observed a small child without a seat belt on sitting in the front seat of a car. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was cited for the violation.

08/23/13 12:58 – A Wakonda resident reported a stray dog. A deputy responded but could not locate any dogs running loose at the time.

08/23/13 14:17 – A woman made a report of a protection order violation stating the other person was talking about her to third person. A deputy investigated and found that there was no violation since the order prevents third party contact but not gossiping about the person to a third party.

08/23/13 14:54 – A deputy stopped a car for speeding at 84 mph in the 55 mph zone of 306th Street. The driver was cited for the offense.

08/23/13 15:22 – A rural resident reported a neighbor shooting automatic weapons. A deputy investigated and learned the neighbor had properly permitted weapons and was not violating any laws.

08/23/13 16:52 – A deputy investigated a report of a dog killing a neighbor’s pet rabbit near Meckling. The owner of the dog worked out arrangements with the rabbit’s owner to resolve the issue.

08/23/13 21:31 – A rural Meckling resident reported a vehicle parked along the road. A deputy responded and found the vehicle was clear of the road and not causing a hazard. It appeared the vehicle had mechanical issues.

08/24/13 12:49 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

08/24/13 15:29 – A caller reported suspicious behavior when a man was seen walking out of a cornfield. A deputy checked and found the man was working in the area.

08/24/13 19:21 – A report was received of a horse on Highway 19 north of Vermillion. A deputy responded and was assisted by other drivers in catching the horse and locating the owner.

Total Records: 30

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