Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

09/01/13 07:45 – A rural Wakonda resident report a banging sound outside earlier in the morning. She saw what appeared to be an SUV or garbage truck leaving the area. Since hours had passed, the vehicle was not located. There was no damage reported.

09/01/13 09:44 – A deputy assisted Vermillion police officers with a report of a person causing harm to himself. The man was transported to the hospital with self-inflicted injuries.

09/01/13 10:23 – A deputy responded to a report of a cow on Timber Road. The cow was located and herded back into a pasture. The owner was notified,

09/01/13 11:21 – A deputy investigated an open 911 line with the caller located on Ponderosa Drive near Burbank. The caller was located and it was found the call was an accidental dial and there was no emergency.

09/01/13 13:26 – A deputy transported a man to the Human Services center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

09/01/13 19:22 – A Wakonda resident reported a neighbor’s dogs were loose and had attacked her dog. A deputy located the dogs and their owner and informed him of the ordinance requiring the dogs be contained.

09/01/13 19:33 – A deputy assisted two pedestrians who reported their car was broken down on Highway 50. The men were driven home and the deputy checked on the car to make sure it was clear of the road.

09/02/13 00:03 – A deputy assisted a highway patrol trooper with a traffic stop near Burbank in which two Vermillion men were charged with alcohol and drug offenses.

09/02/13 16:56 – A rural resident reported repeated calls from someone with a foreign accent apparently engaged in some form of telemarketing. A deputy offered advice on blocking the calls and to be cautious with personal information.

09/02/13 21:18 – A Wakonda resident reported barking dogs. A deputy responded to the area but was unable to locate any dogs still barking.

09/03/13 03:12 – A caller reported what looked like a dead deer in the highway near Meckling. A deputy responded and found a dead dog on the highway. The dog was moved off the road.

09/03/13 07:11 – Four horses were found out on the road on 456th Ave. A deputy located the owner and assisted him in getting the horses secured.

09/03/13 10:03 – The school resource officer received a report of a missing purse taken during athletic training. A review of cameras indicated a student who picked it up but it was learned that the student had properly passed the purse on to a faculty member.

09/03/13 17:12 – A patient was transported from the emergency room to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

09/04/13 15:47 – The school resource officer investigated a two-car accident in the high school parking lot where one vehicle struck another parked vehicle.

09/04/13 21:03 – A deputy assisted a highway patrol trooper with the investigation of a non-injury accident resulting in the driver being arrested for DWI.

09/04/13 21:03 – A deputy was summoned to the jail to assist with a mandatory blood draw from an inmate charged with DWI. The inmate was encouraged to cooperate so no force was necessary.

09/05/13 10:43 – A deputy checked on a stranded motorist on Highway 50 and then provided traffic control while a tow truck removed the vehicle.

09/05/13 12:53 – An inmate was transported to a doctor appointment and then returned to the jail.

09/05/13 18:28 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

09/05/13 20:26 – A deputy served a protection order to a woman in Vermillion.

09/05/13 21:31 – A deputy responded to an altercation at a Wakonda residence. Upon arrival the situation had calmed down. All parties were intoxicated and none wanted anyone else charged with assault.

09/06/13 00:08 – A deputy returned to a Wakonda residence where three intoxicated subjects reported a woman’s husband arrived and assaulted one of the men found with the suspect’s wife. The suspect, a Yankton man, had left the scene. He is being sought for follow up investigation.

09/06/13 01:33 – A deputy observed a vehicle idling at a stop sign west of Vermillion with headlights on and the driver was asleep. Upon investigation, the driver was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for DWI.

09/06/13 10:57 – Sheep were found on the road near Wakonda. A deputy herded them off the road and left a message for the owner.

09/06/13 11:07 – A deputy investigated a report from a citizen who received a call stating he had a warrant and needed to pay a fine immediately. This was found to be a common telephone scam. The caller had not paid any money nor revealed any personal data.

09/06/13 17:15 – A deputy responded to a report of a stray horse just east of Vermillion on Main St. The horse was caught and returned to its pasture. The owner was notified.

09/06/13 18:00 – An inmate was transported to a doctor visit and then returned to the jail.

09/06/13 18:50 – A wanted person was located near Vermillion and arrested on the Clay County warrant.

Total Records: 29

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