Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

09/08/13 09:23 – A deputy responded to a report of a fire in the construction zone on Highway 50 west of Vermillion. There was no fire found in that area.

09/08/13 13:04 – A Wakonda resident reported an unknown man came to his house and started a fight and then left. A deputy is investigating.

09/08/13 13:49 – A deputy responded to Wakonda after receiving a report of some traffic offenses occurring the night before. The vehicles were no longer in the area and were not located.

09/08/13 20:29 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident on Frog Creek Road.

09/09/13 09:30 – A complaint was received of an irrigation unit spraying water over the road. The landowner was contacted and he shut the unit down until it could be adjusted.

09/09/13 12:06 – A protection order was served to a Vermillion woman.

09/10/13 09:57 – A caller requested a deputy to check on a Burbank man, but had been away from home lately. The deputy found that the man was fine.

09/10/13 11:41 – The School Resource Officer assisted a parent with locating her daughter who had run away from her at the school after becoming upset. The daughter was located and left in the care of her mother.

09/10/13 18:54 – A deputy received a report of a missing rifle from a rural residence. The matter is under investigation. The complainant is unsure if the rifle was lost or stolen.

09/11/13 10:47 – An inmate was transported from the Yankton County Jail to the Clay County Jail after being arrested there for a Clay County warrant.

09/11/13 12:59 – An inmate was transported to a doctor appointment and then returned to the jail.

09/11/13 17:14 – A caller reported another driver drinking from a bottle in a brown bag. A deputy located the vehicle and observed no apparent driving impairment and no reasonable suspicion to stop the vehicle.

09/11/13 18:41 – A patient was transported to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

09/11/13 20:22 – A rural resident reported someone was on his property and left a note indicating he had used his jumper cables. Although it appeared no crime had been committed, a deputy investigated and learned the identity of the man for future reference.

09/11/13 20:30 – Two rural residents reported a suspicious man on a motorcycle swearing at one resident’s dog and asking for gas at another residence. A deputy investigated and developed a suspect although apparently no crime was committed.

09/11/13 21:32 – A deputy investigated a motorcycle accident on Frog Creek Road near Bluff Road. The injured motorcyclist was transported by air ambulance from the scene.

09/12/13 14:05 – A deputy assisted the Highway Patrol with the investigation of a fatal two-vehicle accident on Highway 46 near Centerville.

09/14/13 08:38 – A deputy took a report of stolen garden produce from a farm near Vermillion.

09/14/13 20:42 – An inmate was transported to the hospital for medical testing and then returned to the jail.

09/14/13 22:43 – A report was received of an underage alcohol party southwest of Wakonda. A deputy responded and did not find a party in that area.

09/14/13 23:09 – A deputy investigated a car/deer accident on Highway 46.

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