Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

Clay County Sheriff’s Press Briefing

09/15/13 20:28 – A caller reported a cow on Frog Creek Road. A deputy located the owner and assisted in returning the cow to its pasture.

09/16/13 16:02 – A patient was transported from the hospital to the Human Services Center in Yankton for an involuntary mental health committal.

09/16/13 19:54 – An inmate was transported from the State Penitentiary to the Clay County Jail to attend a court hearing.

09/17/13 13:35 – An inmate was transported to the State Penitentiary form the Clay County Jail after a court appearance in Clay County.

09/17/13 17:10 – A caller reported her neighbor’s goats were loose at a residence on Bluff Road. A deputy responded and was able to get the goats contained in their pen.

09/17/13 20:09 – Deputies and Troopers searched the rural Beresford area for an elderly man who had left the residence causing his family to be concerned. The man returned home the next morning on his own.

09/17/13 23:20 – A deputy responded to the east side of Clay County to assist a Highway Patrol Trooper with a pursuit of a vehicle. The pursuit was terminated after it entered into Union County and the identity of the driver was known. Charges are pending.

09/18/13 16:14 – A deputy took a report of a dispute between two men over some tools loaned two years ago and not returned.

09/18/13 19:41 – A deputy responded along with fire units to a fire in a tree grove northeast of Vermillion.

09/19/13 06:06 – A deputy responded along with fire units to a fire northeast of Vermillion at the same location as a fire the previous evening.

09/19/13 09:30 – The School Resource Officer investigated a driving complaint in the High School parking lot. A suspect was identified and charges will be considered by the states attorney.

09/19/13 09:48 – The School Resource Officer on duty at the High School was informed of a 911 hang-up call from within the High School. He investigated and found it was an accidental dial.

09/19/13 11:40 – While investigating other thefts, a deputy learned of an unreported burglary and theft at an unoccupied rural residence. The property owner was notified of the crime. Charges are pending.

09/20/13 07:40 – An inmate was transported to Sioux Falls for a psychosexual evaluation prior to sentencing and then returned to the jail.

09/20/13 12:53 – A deputy responded to a residential alarm at a rural residence. No one was home and no suspicious activity was noted.

09/20/13 13:38 – A deputy provided traffic control for the Homecoming parade in Irene.

09/20/13 21:46 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver was ticketed for speeding near the Wakonda city park.

09/20/13 22:09 – A caller reported a suspicious subject sitting on the steps of a church in Wakonda. A deputy checked and the man was no longer in the area.

09/21/13 13:03 – A deputy responded along with fire units to a vehicle fire near Wakonda.

09/21/13 18:36 – A deputy served a protection order to a man in Vermillion.

09/21/13 22:44 – A vehicle was stopped and the driver was ticketed for speeding on Greenfield Road.

Total Records: 21

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