Medicaid opportunities and challenges task force issues final report

The Medicaid Opportunities and Challenges Task Force’s meetings have concluded and the group has issued its final report to the Governor.

“With any difficult decision, it is important to weigh the ‘pros and the cons’ of the choices available,” said Gov. Dennis Daugaard. “The task force has done a fantastic job of laying out the advantages and disadvantages of expanding the Medicaid program. I am grateful for the diligence this group has given to this important issue.”

In accordance with the governor’s recommendation, the State of South Dakota chose not to expand Medicaid during the 2013 legislative session. In the spring, Daugaard assembled the task force to research the issue, gather input from the public and complete a report that outlines the “pros and cons” of expanding Medicaid in South Dakota.

The task force was comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders, including legislators, physicians, behavioral health providers, dentists, community health providers, hospital officials and state agency personnel.

To view the final report, visit

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