Tanager tennis faces Mitchell, Rapid City

The Vermillion Tanager tennis team lost 9-0 to Mitchell in competition held Aug. 27. Vermillion Tanager tennis match with Mitchell on Aug. 27:


Singles            Mitchell                      Vermillion                  Winner                       Set 1   1          Grace Grabenstein    vs        Abby Weiss                  Mitchell                      10-1

2          Halle Larson                vs       Libby Sykes                Mitchell                      10-1

3          Haley Smith                vs        Forfeit                        Mitchell                      Forfeit

4          Sammy Pooley           vs        Alex Posdal                Mitchell                      10-1

5          Allison Buckley          vs        Brandi Styles                         Mitchell                      10-0

6          Kendra Hanks           vs        Kirstyn Bohn                         Mitchell                      10-1



Doubles                                                                                                                            Set 1   1           Grace Grabenstein         vs        Abby Weiss                  Mitchell                      10-4

Halle Larson                             Libby Sykes


2          Haley Smith   vs                      Forfeit                       Mitchell                      Forfeit

Allison Buckley                      Forfeit


3          Sammy Pooley           vs        Brandi Styles                         Mitchell                      10-3

Kendra Hanks                       Kirstyn Bohn






Vermillion vs. Rapid City Central; score: 0-9






1. Abby Weiss  vs. Kendall Tucker          0-10


2.  Libby Sykes  vs Tianna Duda             2-10


3.  Forfeit by Vermillion at #3


4.  Alex Rosdail  vs. Devorah Collins        2-10


5.  Brandi Styles  vs. Skye Hurley            1-10


6.  Kirstyn Bohn vs. Mirianna Robidoux    0-10






1. Weiss/Sykes  vs. Tucker/Duda            0-10


2.  Forfeit


3.  Rosdail/Styles  vs. Collins/Robidoux   2-10

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