Vermillion to celebrate United Way Week

Kelsey Collier-Wise

Kelsey Collier-Wise

The Vermillion City Council has declared September 23-29 “United Way of Vermillion Week,” issuing a proclamation recognizing that “United Way of Vermillion helps our community grow stronger and healthier.”

The proclamation coincides with the launch of the 2014 United Way of Vermillion campaign, which the organization hopes will be their most successful yet.

“Our goal is to raise $115,000 for 21 different programs in our community,” said board president Dan Kenton. “Every one of these programs is making an incredible difference in people’s lives in Vermillion, so we hope people will give generously.”

The theme of the 2014 campaign is “Local Giving, Local Impact,” emphasizing what Executive Director Kelsey Collier-Wise believes is a unique aspect of the organization.

“Over 99 percent of money raised stays right here in Clay County. Funding decisions are made locally and the programs impact our friends, family, and neighbors,” she explained. “You can literally see the work your donation is doing every day around Vermillion.”

Vermillion-area residents will receive a pledge card through the mail. They can also donate online or through payroll deduction if they have a participating employer.

United Way of Vermillion improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of the community through focus on education, income, and health.

For more information about United Way or to make a donation, visit

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