Vermillion Police Department Calls

Vermillion Police Department Calls

09/15/13 00:04 – Complainant reported an intoxicated woman knocking on their apartment door. The woman was contacted. She was intoxicated and had lost her phone, purse, and keys. Officers contacted the landlord and arranged for the woman to be let into her apartment.

09/15/13 01:12 – Officers returned to house where there had been previous loud party complaints. Officers could here the partygoers from across the street. One of the renters was contacted and cited for violating the City Noise Ordinance.

09/15/13 01:20 – Officers responded to a report of a fight at a residence. Investigation revealed two men had been boxing after watching a sports boxing match and tempers flared. Neither party was injured and no one wished to pursue the issue.

09/15/13 01:33 – Caller reported an abandoned bike. It was placed into safekeeping.

09/15/13 01:49 – Officers responded to assist a resident who had found a bat in their home. Officers were unable to locate the bat.

09/15/13 03:18 – Officers stopped a vehicle for failing to stop as required. Two of the occupants were underage and had been drinking. They were cited.

09/15/13 07:01 – Officers towed a vehicle that had been illegally parked for two days and had already been cited for the violation.

09/15/13 07:20 – Officers responded to a business alarm. Nothing was amiss.

09/15/13 11:22 – Caller reported he has lost his wallet.

09/15/13 11:57 – A woman reported her purse was missing.

09/15/13 12:11 – Subject was cited for speeding downtown.

09/15/13 12:40 – Officers responded to a domestic dispute between a mother and adult daughter. No physical altercation occurred.

09/15/13 12:55 – An anonymous caller advised officers a possible drug deal in another community. Information was relayed.

09/15/13 15:47 – A found cell phone was turned over to police. Officer found the owner and returned the phone.

09/15/13 17:33 – A landlord asked for assistance in speaking with tenant who had gotten a dog that was continuously making noise and disturbing other tenants. Officers contacted the man and explained the City Ordinance to him.

09/15/13 18:02 – Officers responded to a 911 open line call. The caller was eventually located and found to be OK. It was an accidental dial.

09/15/13 19:40 – Caller reported a barking dog. Officers responded but could not locate the barking dog.

09/16/13 00:24 – Complainant reported a vehicle being driven suspiciously, possibly with an intoxicated driver. Officers contacted the driver who was not intoxicated, but rather trying to find their way around town.

09/16/13 01:23 – Officers assisted University Police with a search.

09/16/13 04:40 – Officers responded to medical alert alarm and provided treatment until the ambulance could take over care.

09/16/13 11:12 – Complainant reported that someone had damaged the front and back door to their rental house, which is currently unoccupied. Under investigation.

09/16/13 12:04 – Officers were called to a local parking lot because a man was trying car doors and appeared to be trying to get into them. The man was found and contacted. He was intoxicated and on probation. He refused to comply with providing a breath sample and was arrested.

09/16/13 14:16 – Caller reported a neighbor playing loud music. Officers contacted the resident who complied with the request to turn down the music.

09/16/13 14:47 – School Resource Officer investigated a fight at the middle school.

09/16/13 17:14 – Officer stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver also had an open beer. He was cited for speeding and open container.

09/16/13 17:29 – Officers responded to a two-car accident. Under investigation.

09/16/13 17:54 – Officers responded to an unresponsive patient. They provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/16/13 18:07 – Complainant reported that his yard gate and been damaged by unknown persons.

09/16/13 21:18 – Officers responded to a barking dog complaint.

09/16/13 21:54 – Complainant reported that her adult son had been assaulted. The son was contacted and did not wish to pursue the incident.

09/17/13 09:01 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. Nothing was found amiss.

09/17/13 09:58 – Driver cited for passing in a no passing zone.

09/17/13 13:17 – Officers responded to a patient having chest pain. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/17/13 16:34 – Officers responded to an accidental 911 call.

09/17/13 18:13 – Caller reported someone she did not know was knocking on her door. Officers responded and found it was a local young person asking to adopt a stray cat.

09/17/13 23:15 – Caller reported and ex-boyfriend trying to break into her home. Officers responded but the suspect fled prior to their arrival. The information was called out to neighboring agencies and the State Troopers attempted to stop the suspect and a pursuit ensued.

09/18/13 09:31 – Caller reported being assaulted several days prior. Under investigation.

09/18/13 13:26 – Officers responded to domestic dispute. Under investigation.

09/18/13 13:28 – Officers responded to a disputed between and adult daughter and her mother. The dispute was over cat food. No physical assault had occurred.

09/18/13 15:18 – Driver was cited for speeding in a school zone.

09/19/13 02:04 – Subject cited for open container of alcohol.

09/19/13 02:26 – Caller reported she caught a man trying to steal her daughter’s bike. Officers responded as the man fled the area. They found the man who was identified by the victim, and he was cited for theft.

09/19/13 05:05 – Officers found an open door at a business after work hours. They found the responsible party asleep inside. Nothing was amiss.

09/19/13 05:22 – Officers found an open door at a closed restaurant. No one was inside. Door was secured a message was left for the responsible party.

09/19/13 10:29 – Officers assisted the City Parks Department with notifying a camper at Lion’s park that they had exceeded to permitted stay time and needed to make other living arrangement.

09/19/13 10:56 – Officers responded to a medical call and provided assistance until the ambulance could arrive.

09/19/13 12:18 – Caller reported a “for rent” sign had been stolen from one of his properties.

09/19/13 13:41 – Officers responded to a 911 accidental dial.

09/19/13 14:17 – Caller turned over a bag with several personal items, which had been abandoned on his property.

09/19/13 17:52 – Officers investigated a one-vehicle accident with minor injuries.

09/19/13 19:54 – Officers investigated a physical altercation between two family members. No injuries were reported.

09/19/13 21:25 – Officers responded to a 911 call. Nothing was found amiss.

09/19/13 23:54 – Caller brought three young girls to the police department. They had found the girls on the roadside without shoes and appropriate clothing. The girls said they had woken up in the night and their mothers were not in the house and they went looking for them. A short time later, the mothers called 911 to report the girls missing.

09/20/13 03:06 – Officers responded to a compliant of loud music. The offender turned down the music on request.

09/20/13 03:35 – The Street Department turned over a license plate found in the roadway.

09/20/13 06:56 – Caller reported a cat with a broken back. Officers determined the cat’s back was broken and could not determine who the cat’s owner was. Because of the severe injury the officer elected to put the animal down.

09/20/13 11:13 – Officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Investigation revealed the two parties had been fighting. After interviewing both parties, officers arrested the predominate aggressor.

09/20/13 12:35 – Caller reported a woman and fallen and injured her head. Officers responded and provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/20/13 15:28 – Officers investigated a two-car motor vehicle accident. There were no reported injuries.

09/20/13 16:11 – Complainant reported a bicycle stolen. Description was provided to officers.

09/20/13 17:57 – Officers responded to a woman who had fallen and hit her head. Care was provided until the ambulance arrived.

09/20/13 18:22 – Complainant turned over an abandoned bike. The bike was placed into safekeeping.

09/20/13 19:05 – Caller reported her young children being harassed by older children. Both parties were interviewed and warned against inappropriate behavior.

09/21/13 00:33 – Caller reported loud music from a neighboring apartment. The renter was contacted and complied with request to reduce the noise.

09/21/13 00:53 – Caller reported a loud party at a neighboring residence. Contact with the renters resulted in a noise reduction. One of the renters had an active arrest warrant and was arrested.

09/21/13 00:55 – Officers responded to a fight outside a local bar. Investigation revealed one of the combatants accused the other of stealing money from him. Officers spoke to the man with the missing money who was treated for a bloody nose. The other combatant was not located.

09/21/13 02:19 – Caller reported an unknown male was pounding on her window. The man was contacted and interviewed. It was discovered that he was in a relationship with the caller, who had not recognized him.

09/21/13 03:44 – A homeowner called to report he had found an intoxicated male in him home. Investigation revealed that the highly intoxicated man had wondered into the home through an unlocked door. The homeowner opted not to pursue charges. The man was escorted back to his own residence.

09/21/13 06:08 – Caller reported an unknown man was trying to open the door of her residence. The man had fled prior to officers arriving. A search of the area was conducted.

09/21/13 09:48 – Caller turned over a found wallet. The wallet’s owner was located and the wallet was returned.

09/21/13 09:56 – A found wallet was turned over to police. The wallet’s owner was contacted.

09/21/13 11:40 – Caller reported a car illegally parked for a long period of time. The car was cited.

09/21/13 12:31 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. Investigation revealed that the caller was the victim of an ongoing domestic situation and the suspect had contacted her repeatedly throughout the morning in violation of a court order. The suspect is being sought and charges of interfering with a domestic violence communication and protection order violation are pending.

09/21/13 14:53 – Caller reported a man using a fake Illinois license had attempted to purchase alcohol. Under investigation.

09/21/13 17:07 – Caller reported a stolen vehicle. Under investigation.

09/21/13 18:02 – Caller reported an elderly patient had fallen. Officers provided care until the ambulance arrived.

09/21/13 19:04 – A motel requested assistance with a patron who had an outstanding bill and was unable to pay. The patron arranged an alternate living arrangement and complied with the business owners request to leave.

09/21/13 20:18 – Caller reported a dog and attacked his dog while they were out for a walk. Both parties were contacted, injuries were minor and the caller opted not to pursue the issue.

09/21/13 22:08 – Caller reported loud noise from a neighbor’s residence. The neighbor agreed to reduce the noise when contacted.

09/21/13 22:34 – Caller reported concern for children who were allegedly being drive around by and intoxicated driver. A search did not locate the subject vehicle.

09/21/13 23:43 – Officers responded to report of a man pounding on the door of a former girlfriend. Investigation resulted in the man’s arrest.

Total Records: 81

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