Weekly summary of VPD calls

Weekly summary of VPD calls

09/08/13 02:15 – Officers cited a subject for drinking from an open alcohol container on Main Street.

09/08/13 08:17 – Complainant reported their mailbox vandalized.

09/08/13 12:23 – Graffiti was found on the sidewalk, a tree and a lamppost. Under investigation.

09/08/13 12:29 – A citizen reported a man at a convenience store wearing only underwear. Investigation showed the man was actually wearing shorts, which from a distance might appear to be underwear.

09/08/13 14:19 – Complainant reported losing a set of keys.

09/08/13 14:46 – Complainant reported a stolen vehicle. Under investigation.

09/08/13 15:54 – Officers followed up on a report of a vehicle parked on the roadside of a week or more.

09/08/13 19:46 – Officers responded to a medical emergency and provided aid until the ambulance arrived and took over care.

09/08/13 21:01 – Complainant reported a threat from a non-custodial parent to remove children from their caretaker. Officers increased their presence in the area.

09/08/13 21:24 – Complainant reported a lawn chair had been stolen.

09/09/13 05:24 – Citizen called for help because a dog had fallen into an open dig for a septic tank. Officers were able to get the dog out the hole.

09/09/13 07:37 – Officers investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was not located.

09/09/13 08:51 – Complainant reported damage to their vehicle from a hit and run accident. Under investigation.

09/09/13 09:29 – Complainant reported a broken window at a city building.

09/09/13 10:00 – Officers responded to a medical emergency and provided assistance to the ambulance crew.

09/09/13 13:47 – Complainant called to express concern for his son, who was in the custody of the boy’s mother. Investigation revealed no indication of neglect or abuse.

09/09/13 14:25 – Officers responded to a report of a man assaulting a woman on the roadside. Investigation resulted in the man being arrested for domestic assault.

09/09/13 16:57 – Officers responded to an accidental 911 call.

09/09/13 19:08 – Complainant reported her phone stolen. Under investigation.

09/09/13 19:44 – Complainant was worried that a friend was going to hurt himself. Officers were unable to contact the subject. Under investigation.

09/09/13 19:53 – Complainant reported a car horn blaring for more than 20 minutes. Officers located the vehicle and the owner. They discovered the horn switch was stuck in the on position. The switch was repaired.

09/09/13 22:02 – Officers responded to a fight outside a bar. Investigation resulted in the arrest of one of the participants for assault.

09/10/13 02:27 – Officers responded to a report of a domestic. Investigation revealed no crime had occurred.

09/10/13 08:50 – Officers investigated a hit and run that had occurred a couple days prior. There is no suspect information.

09/10/13 11:52 – Citizen reported receiving repeated harassing phone calls. While meeting with the citizen, the harasser called. The officer spoke to the caller and directed them to stop calling. The caller agreed.

09/10/13 12:50 – Complainant reported damage to her vehicle.

09/10/13 13:09 – Officers stood by while code enforcement cleaned up a nuisance area.

09/10/13 13:17 – Complainant reported a rope fence had been removed from the edge of his property without his consent. Under investigation.

09/10/13 16:13 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle accident. There were no injuries.

09/10/13 16:42 – Complainant reported a burglary and theft from her residence. Under investigation.

09/10/13 17:10 – Complainant reported a two-vehicle accident. There were no injuries.

09/10/13 18:58 – Officers investigated a complaint of possible child neglect.

09/10/13 21:16 – Complainant reported a suspicious vehicle frequenting his neighborhood. Officers checked the area but found nothing amiss.

09/10/13 22:42 – Officers investigated a report of a protection order violation. Subject was arrested for the violation.

09/10/13 22:58 – Citizen reported a man trying to get into a vehicle that did not belong to them. The man fled the area prior to officers’ arrival. Under investigation.

09/11/13 01:12 – Complainant reported several items stolen from her vehicle, which was marked in her parking lot. Under investigation.

09/11/13 08:54 – Officers assisted the University Police Department with the investigation of a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident.

09/11/13 09:28 – Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call. The caller turned out to be in the country illegally. Federal authorities were advised.

09/11/13 10:27 – Caller reported a young child wandering in the road. The child was unable to speak. A check of the neighborhood resulted in finding the child’s mother who was out looking for him.

09/11/13 10:28 – Officers responded to a woman who was making suicidal statements. A mental health evaluation was started.

09/11/13 14:39 – School Resource Officer investigated a possible assault.

09/11/13 17:13 – Officers responded to a 911 hang up. Nothing was found amiss.

09/11/13 17:26 – Caller reported a stolen bike. Under investigation.

09/11/13 17:46 – The police department conducted six compliance checks on local alcohol licensed businesses. All the businesses passed the compliance checks.

09/11/13 18:14 – Officers investigated a report of a possible protection order violation. Investigation was not able to determine if a violation had or had not occurred.

09/11/13 19:16 – Officers responded to a patient having chest pains. Treatment was turned over to the ambulance.

09/11/13 20:50 – Complainant reported an erratically driven vehicle. Officers found the vehicle but did not witness any erratic driving.

09/11/13 23:51 – Complainant reported her vehicle window broken by a man who ran to a nearby location. The man was found and investigation resulted in the man’s arrest for vandalism.

09/12/13 00:03 – Caller reported a man had smashed out a windshield on a vehicle. Investigation resulted in a man being arrested for vandalism, domestic assault, and outstanding warrants.

09/12/13 07:03 – Officers assisted the ambulance with a patient.

09/12/13 08:27 – Subject was cited for speeding in a school zone.

09/12/13 09:32 – Complainant reported a man missing for several days. An investigation was started. The man reappeared a few hours later.

09/12/13 09:49 – Police department provided a funeral escort.

09/12/13 10:20 – Caller reported a phone harassment/possible fraud. Officers assisted with stopping the harassment.

09/12/13 10:32 – Caller reported a domestic harassment situation. Under investigation.

09/12/13 15:41 – Subject cited for speeding in a school zone.

09/12/13 20:59 – Caller reported a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. Officers did not find the vehicle.

09/12/13 21:58 – Officers assisted the Sheriff’s office with a custodial interference investigation.

09/12/13 23:52 – Caller reported an unknown man was pounding on the front and back doors. Officers found the man and investigation resulted in charges of minor in possession of alcohol, possession of drug paraphernalia and vandalism.

09/13/13 02:13 – Officers took a patient into custody on mental hold after suicidal comments were made.

09/13/13 10:59 – Officers investigated a two-vehicle accident. No injuries were reported.

09/13/13 13:38 – Officers investigated an ongoing harassment report. Under investigation.

09/13/13 16:53 – Officers assisted with a patient suffering from a seizure. The ambulance continued care.

09/13/13 18:08 – Officers investigated a report of careless driving. The report could not be substantiated.

09/13/13 20:25 – Officers assisted with a patient having chest pain. The ambulance took over care.

09/13/13 21:04 – Officer investigated a report of possible illegal burning, but no violation was found.

09/13/13 22:40 – Officers contacted a man staggering into traffic. Investigation revealed the man was intoxicated and underage. He was cited.

09/14/13 00:39 – Officers contacted a man who was urinating into the street. He was cited.

09/14/13 01:46 – Caller turned over an identification card found downtown. The id had been altered and was fraudulent. Under investigation.

09/14/13 01:51 – Officers responded to an alarm at a local business. Nothing was found amiss.

09/14/13 03:09 – Caller reported a loud party. Officers checked the area but the party was not found.

09/14/13 04:51 – Caller reported a man needing medical attention after an assault. Investigation resulted in several charges of assault and minor consuming alcohol.

09/14/13 06:28 – Officers responded to a business intrusion alarm. It had accidentally been set off by an employee.

09/14/13 12:17 – Complainant reported threatening communications. Under investigation.

09/14/13 15:59 – Caller reported an illegal fire. Officers found a resident burning yard waste in violation of city ordinance. After being advised of the violation the resident extinguished the fire.

09/14/13 16:14 – Caller reported a vehicle with an open container of alcohol. Officers responded but were not able to locate the reported vehicle.

09/14/13 16:21 – Officers responded to an accidental 911 call.

09/14/13 16:38 – Officers investigated a report of a sexual assault.

09/14/13 17:18 – Officers investigated a one-vehicle non-injury accident.

09/14/13 19:51 – Complainant reported some items stolen. Under investigation.

09/14/13 20:26 – Caller reported juveniles driving recklessly. Under investigation.

09/14/13 21:16 – Complainant reported loud noise that sounded like a party coming from the cemetery. Officers contacted a group of juveniles who admitted to being in the cemetery. They were advised the cemetery was closed after dark.

09/14/13 22:39 – Complainant reported a vehicle parked blocking her driveway. Officers could not locate the owner and arranged for the vehicle to be towed.

09/14/13 22:56 – Officers contacted a pedestrian who was yelling insulting remarked about a local fraternity. He turned out to be under 21 and carrying and consuming a mixed alcoholic beverage. He was cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

09/14/13 23:10 – Complainant told officers she was being harassed. Officers are attempting to locate the harasser.

09/14/13 23:34 – Officers responded to an accidental 911 call.

Total Records: 86

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